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1974 Honda: cam chain to adjust by idling..tensioner bolt

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1974 Honda CB350F. I cannot get the cam chain to adjust by idling at 1200RPM and loosening locknut and tensioner bolt. Any ideas?


Try loosening the locknut one complete turn then while the engine is idleing tap on the lock nut with a wrench. The slot in the tensioner is stuck on the head of the adjuster bolt in the cylinder and this will normally free it up an allow it to move.


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Do I also loosen the adjuster bolt?

Yes, you loosen the bolt after loosening the locknut. Below is a link to a parts diagram of the tensioner system.

If adjusting the tensioner locknut and bolt has no effect then the tensioner rod #9 may be sticking or the cam chain tensioner slipper, the cam chain and the front shain slipper may be worn out.