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Ultra wide Glide, 96 s&s engine, 1997. Clutch is slipping..harley

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I have an Ultra wide Glide, 96" s&s engine, 1997. Clutch is slipping badly. Some say most parts are interchangeable with harley. Bike looks like a a softail. Should I get a harley softail shop manual to do the clutch repair? Ever heard of the Ultra? Used to be Ultra Kustom Cycle in Riverside, now Ultra Motorcycle Co. on Temecula. Thank you.

Hi dbl,

try a clutch adjustment first.

slack the clutch cable completely until the lever touches the hand grip.

remove the derby cover (clutch inspection cover).

loosen the adjuster locknut, in the center of the clutch.

turn the adjuster screw CW until it bottoms, then back it off 1/2 turn.

tighten lock nut.

replace derby cover.

adjust clutch cable for 1/8" free play at clutch lever.

any late 90's Harley Softail service manual should get you where you need to go.

let me know if you need more help.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok, I'm a novice. is the derby cover the housing where the clutch cable goes into the bike, or is it on the other side; the big round cover? There's also a smaller, rectangular cover on that same side (left). thanks.


on the primary cover (large oval-ish chrome cover on left side of bike connecting the engine to the transmission), you will find a large round cover near the rear of the cover with either 3 or 5 screws. this is the Derby cover. technically, it is the clutch inspection cover. the smaller rounded-rectangular cover with 4 screws is the primary chain inspection cover.

the smaller oval cover on the right side where the clutcch cable foes in is the transmission side cover.


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