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How to remove and replace axle shaft on honda trx250te atv

Resolved Question:

How to remove and replace axle shaft on honda trx250te atv?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Ski Doctor replied 7 years ago.

what year is your trx250te? is it a 2002?

depending on the year, there is a lot of removal needed. you will need some deep sockets and 28-32 mm wrenches.

first you need to remove the wheels and rear hubs. i recommend draining the oil, so it does not drain out and make a mess. remove the locknut on the axle, and the rear brake drum assembly. there is a large locknut you will have to remove that has a circlip inside. after you remove the nuts(which will be very stuck) remove a small circlip too.

you might want to leave the brake drum on untill after you remove the dual locknut, so you can use the brake to hold the axle from spinning.

after the locknuts are removed, brake drum and rear hubs, the axle will slide out from the side.

the axle is a tight fit into the rear drive unit, so it might be a little difficlut to remove it

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This is a 06 recon. Which side does tthe axel go out? what about the ring gear & bearings?
Expert:  Ski Doctor replied 7 years ago.

okay an 06 is a little different let me look at service book

please wait a few minutes

Expert:  Ski Doctor replied 7 years ago.


the ring gear and bearings will stay in the final drive unit. some bearings might come out with the axle, but they should stay in the rear unit. the axle will go out to the right side. so you want to push the axle to the right to remove it. the ring gear is attatched via splines and slides on and off. all the bearings stay in the rear drive unit, and to change the bearings you need to open the drive unit. same with the ring gear, the rear diff will need to be taken apart to change gears. you can change the oil seals with removal, but all other bearing and ring gear repair must have the rear diff removed.

the brake drum will also slide off the splines when the locknut is removed.

do you have a bad bearing or stripped splines??

why do you need to change the axle?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, still not real clear. We have removed the rims, hubs & the brake drum on the right side. I'm now tring to split the Final Case from the Gear Case Cover. In order to do this I need to dis conect from the tube that houses the drive shaft & on the left thr Gear Case Cover from the Swing arm.
Expert:  Ski Doctor replied 7 years ago.

do you need to disasemble the rear final drive unit? you dont have to take that apart to remove the axle....

if you are going to disasemble the rear final drive you will have to remove it from the swingarm and remove the axle from the final drive unit.

are you trying to rebuild the rear final drive, or just remove the axle?

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank got it figured out before your reply

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