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My engine wont start on my 2006 Honda CBR1000RR. I already

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My engine wont start on my 2006 Honda CBR1000RR. I already checked the battery connection and replaced the fuse on the starter. Any ideas?
Do the Gauges power up when you switch the key on?
If so, does the starter turn the engine over, but no start?
Is the FI light on?
The kill switch on the handlebar is on right?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes the guages do power up as normal. The FI light is not on, the kill switch is on. I do not hear the usual humming noise from the starter. The manual indicated that the fuse was might need to be replaced, or the battery lead was loose. I tried both but no change.
Can you hear the fuel pump whine as it starts up. it should cycle as the key comes on?

Anything unusual happen recently that may have contributed to this. ie recently filled up with gas, dropped bike, battery died, etc?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No problems with the bike at all. never been dropped. i rode it earlier today without a problem. No, i can not hear the pump whine like it normally does when i turn the key..
Ok, sounds like we have it narrowed down to a fuel pump issue. Next step is to find out why the fuel pump is not cycling. There are several things that could cause this. First, make sure the kill switch is actually working, turn the key on and flip the kill switch on and off a few times. Does anything change? Will the starter motor turn the engine over with the kill switch in one position, and not in the other. If you want to pursue the switch further, I can get you test procedures from the manual.

First thing to do is check the connector to the fuel pump, This year and model had a fuel tank recall and there is a good chance somebody has been in there poking around to do the recall/inspection. Possibly caused a poor or loose connection to the fuel pump.

Next thing would be the tip over switch, a safety feature that shuts down the fuel and ignition systems in the event of a fall. However, since the FI light is not on, we will rule it out for now.

There is always the possibility the pump itself is bad, to find out, we need to determine if it is getting power. To do this unplug the fuel pump connector, and test between the brown (+) and green (-) wires. When the key is switched on, there should be 12 volts there for a few seconds.

The book suggests checking the 30a main fuse next ( which I beleive you said you already replaced) then check the 10a sub fuse. From there you are going to need to check the fuel cut-off relay.

The fuel cutoff relay is located in the fuse/relay box. Remove it and look for corrosion on the pins....If you get this far and still have not located the problem ,let me know and I will continue to forward the steps from the manual.

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