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Help !!! My 03 Honda RECON ES is is giving six blinks and will

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Help?!!! My 03 Honda RECON ES is is giving six blinks and will not shift out of gear once I reach 3rd. When this first happened the bike cut off. This is after the bike is warmed up and I reach 3rd gear. After investigation I found that the oil was low so I promptly changed it. Now the bike doesn't cut off but it gets stuck in 3rd and the six blink code persists. Once I shut the bike off I can shift it back to neutral and the bike starts fine. The shift angle sensor has already been replaced about 6 months ago. The owner's manual does not provide any clues as to what the blinking light codes mean. Whats wrong with the bike?
hello and welcome
code six is the esp fail safe mode. this is usually triggered from another problem. if the angle sensor is in good shape then i would investigate the shift motor. that can trip the fail safe mode sometimes. usually the system will read a bad resistance with the shift motor and throw this code. i would take the shift motor apart and inspect the brushes and the commutator contacts for carboning or bad brushes. you can only replace the shift motor as a whole but this can give an indication if this is the issue.
i would check that and of course the connector to the ECM to make sure it is not loose and/or any moisture is in any of these connections.
hope this helps. if you dont find any problems there let me know and i can be further assistance. thank you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can you give me some directions on where the ECM is located or how to get to it? Also, is there any precautions with respect to getting at the shift motor?
the ecm is located just under the front fender. you will notice a couple large wire harnesses that go to a black plastic box. that is the ecm. when disassebling the shift motor, hold the shaft in place when takeing off the outer shell of the motor. if you dont keep ahold of the shaft in place the magnets will pull the armature out and the brushes and springs will come out. not a terribly big deal. but you may need to be a little crafty trying to fit them back in.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.