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Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  MMI grad. 7 years experience in Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, as service manager and tech.
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2007 honda: 5000 miles on it..generator to the rectifier

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i have a 2007 honda shadow 600 with 5000 miles on it.for no reason at all the plug at the generator to the rectifier melted.i have not added anything to the bikr for about a year and what i have done to the bike was nowhere near that.i put leds on it and a cycle sounds stereo system.any idea why it would do that?
<p>hello and welcome</p><p>this is usually from one of two things. </p><p>the first, being this results in a sign of a faulting stator or rectifier regulator. or this can be from a corroding connection. sometimes if moisture gets to this connector, they can be septable for this to happen. </p><p>so i would reccomend cleaning up this connection, and/or replaceing the connectors as needed, then check the chargeing voltage to see if your bike is chargeing properly. with the bike running you should be able to get 13-15 volts dc at the battery terminals above idle speed.</p><p>to check the stator you will need an ohm meter. disconnect the stator connector. then checked the stator side wires accordingly. check for any continuity between any of those three yellow wires and ground. there should be absolutely none at all. if any kind of resistance shows, then the stator is bad. next check resistance between each of the three wires, they should all be relatively the same resistance, usually around 3.0- .3 ohms. </p><p>if all that checks out then your stator is fine. and if your system is still not chargeing then the rectifier regulator may be your issue. but if your bike is chargeing then your regulator is fine. but i would still check the stator if your bike is chargeing to make sure this isnt shorting your connection. </p><p>hope this helps. please let me know if you have any questions about this, thank you. </p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the battery is charging fine it just seems like the connector overheated.i dont think this should have happened in the first place,thats why i bought a honda not a is a year and a half old and has 5000 miles do you think being a service manager that honda would take care of this for me.its a mechanical failure on their part.would you happen to have a number so i can contact honda?
unfortunately i dont have the number for honda, but you may be able to find a customer service number on the web or maybe even the dealer may be able to get that for ya.
also that is a tough one as far as warranty. its possible that the service manager can get ahold of the district service manager and see if maybe that could be goodwilled. i would have a good talk with the local service department that you bought the bike off of. they tend to be able to pull strings better that way. make it sound like all your business is there. that seems to get their attention too. realisticly your chances are 50/50. ive seen some cases where the unit was obivously abused and gotten taken care of and spotless units get denied. i honestly dont know what makes the one better then the other, except pleeding that you spend the money there. it should be a relatively inexpensive fix for them. in my opinion it should be taken care of due to the fact it is not a typical honda fault. the only time they ever had something similar to this is the old gl1200 goldwings had a bad issue with this. so bad honda came out with a seperate connector kit to replace the bad one. but nothing like that happens normally on the newer units. your vt is a solid bike. so i think they would look at it considerabley.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks for the information i am going to contact honda on monday and see what i can do.thanks again