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My motorcycle wont

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My motorcycle won't start. I had the battery on a trickle/ tender charger. I removed it put it on the bike. everything (light, turn signal etc..) works except the horn.
hello and welcome
what make, year and model is your motorcycle? thank you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2003 Suzuki GXSR 1000 new battery bought around Nov/ Dec
just so im understanding this correctly, the starter will turn the motor over but wont start? or the starter motor is not turning the motor over?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When I hit the start button it just "TICKS" each time I hit the button. This happened a few days ago. So I jumped it with my car, it would start and run but when I turn it off it will not restart unless I jump it again. If i let it run it will run until I put it in gear So i charged the battery thinking it needed it. But today it won't start again.
the ticking your hearing is the starter relay. it usually does this when there is little voltage engageing the relay internally. sounds like the battery is failing. a bad battery alot of times will not take a charge either. i would have this battery taken out and tested at the local bike dealer to possibly save a few dollars in case this is not the problem. something else to consider is the chargeing system on your bike alot of times will not self charge a faulty battery either.
but being that this happened during normal riding intervals this could be an indication that the chargeing system is faulting. the bike could have drained and faulted the battery during the last good known ride. but again first to check this you need a good conditioned battery. once you have that you can check the voltage at the battery terminals with a multimeter or voltmeter to check your chargeing voltage. with the bike above idle you should be able to acheive 13-15 volts dc while running.
these would be the steps i would reccomend takeing to help diagnose your no start problem. please take caution with what you jump start this bike with. alot of amperage sensitive electronics on your gizxxer. i would only try to start this with another motorcycle rate battery.
hope this is some help in your problem. please let me know if you have any questions about this ill be happy to help. thank you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I just bought this battery because the samething happened before. I just bought the trickle charger/ battery tender. I just rode the bike two weeks ago. I am going to buy a meter tomorrow. What do I do since the battery came straight from my house (charging) to the bike and still did not start.
maybe i can help by explainging the system and how to possibly pin this down. because if this is a good battery then you may have either a faulty connection, faulty starter relay, or the starter brushes may need to be replaced.
a good place to check all this is at the starter relay. if you listen for that click noise you get when you press the button, you can find that relay.
on that relay there is two larger posts. one of the larger wires is the positive battery cable comeing from the battery. the other is the cable that goes to the starter motor.
first off check all these connections make sure they are tight. the good thing is that the starter clicks, meaning the starter is getting signal from the starter switch. that relay just makes the connection between the battey cable to the starter cable. so if the starter motor was in good shape and the battery was in good shape, you can cross or jump those two larger posts together with a screwdriver or something and it will turn the starter motor over. if this is the case the starter relay is bad because its not makeing a good connection.
so if you jump those two and it does not turn over the motor then this means the battery is at fault or the starter. so if it is determined that the battery is good then this just leaves the starter motor. and usually to fix that it just takes a set of starter brushes to rebuild it to a good working condition.
again it would be good to know that the chargeing system is up to par, but maybe out of what i wrote above you can diagnose the system according to what you are running into.
hope this helps. thank you.
Eric and other Motorcycle Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks!!! No matter what you have given some sort of direction to start with... I will try to work on this tomorrow. Is there a way to get back to you directly. What state are you in?
thank you for the accept. you should be able to reach me on this same thread. but if for some reason it is not avaialbe to you just ask for me in the motorcycle questions, or i also believe you can request me as well. so whatever works i guess. good luck i hope all goes smooth.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for the help

no problem

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