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How do i change the oil in my 2009 crf450r I wasnt given a

Customer Question

How do i change the oil in my 2009 crf450r? I wasnt given a manual by the dealership. I hav a new filter an both tranny and motor oil ready but dont know the amount to put in or the bolts to unscrew
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Ski Doctor replied 8 years ago.

first you must drain both oil and trans oil. one bolt is on the bottom of the bike, the other is on the side right behind the shift lever, there is the trans oil drain bolt.(look for the bolt near the bottom with a crush washer on it)after you drain the oil, change the oil filter, which is on the left side of the motor behind a small round cover, retorque the drain and side drain bolts. first with the engine oil, the right side cover will have a filler plug you remove at the top of the side cover, and then fill up to the filler mark. while filling, on the right side of the motor there is another bolt with a crush washer just below the big 10mm allen plug. remove that bolt, and while filling the engine oil keep going untill you see oil coming out of the fill inspection hole. at that point, it should be around 600 cc of oil, and replace the fill inspection bolt and then the filler plug at the top.

for the transmission, remove the filler plug at the top of the left side cover, fill the trans with oil, hold the bike level and fill untill you see the oil inside the inspection window on the side cover(left side cover) run the bike after plugs are reinstalled, and recheck the fluids level to make sure you have the corect level. total, you should need about 1.2 liters,(that's an estimate)

good luck