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My 2000 sportster wont start..spark plug wire..getting fuel

Customer Question

my 2000 sportster won't start. i pulled the spark plug out, left the spark plug wire attached to the spark plug and then let the tip of the spark plug rest on the engine head and then turned the engine over and there was no spark. is this an acceptable way for checking spark? the engine is getting fuel or at least there's a very strong fuel odor.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Wayne S. replied 8 years ago.
Good day,

first make sure the battery
is firmly connected and charged fully.
Be careful when checking for spark
when you smell gas fumes, if it
decides to spark you might have a
fire. I know this from experience ;)

Check for power to the ignition coil
with the key on. Could also be a faulty
coil or cam sensor. Make sure
fuses are good and check any
ignition connectors for corrosion.
Has it tipped over? I think there
is a tip-over sensor on these.
You can check for spark with a timing
light which might be safer.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Druideck, what is the best way to check for power at the coil and can you tell me where to find the coil sensor and the cam sensor?


Expert:  Wayne S. replied 8 years ago.

just follow your plug wires up to the
ignition coil and use a multimeter
to check for battery voltage on
the white/black wire (key on, run switch on)
A test light might do if you don't
have a voltage meter.

There is only a cam sensor, my english
was just confusing above.
I meant to say it could be either
the ignition coil itself or the
cam sensor.
The cam sensor module is under the
round cover on the right side of the
engine. It may be riveted in and
to replace it requires some work.

Before replacing anything double check
all the connectors for problems.
Sometimes a low battery or bad
battery cables or a broken
wire to the cam sensor might be
the problem.

Try wiggling the wires and connectors
and check it again for spark.

If you have power to the ignition coil
it might be the cam sensor unless
the ignition coil is faulty
or some wiring is bad.
The battery is very important as they
need a good battery to run.

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