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i have a twister hammerhead gokart im having a problem with

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i have a twister hammerhead gokart im having a problem with the fuel lines. we bought it used and all the fuel line were missing. this has a 150cc tongjian motor i replaced the carberator with a new one i have the gas line hooked up but the problem im having is with the other lines. theres one hose that comes off the bottom bowl i think its a drain hose but not shur i know that the fuel cox needs vaccum so i hook it up to the other side of the carberator where it goes in the motor then theres a hose on the top side that goes the valve set air cut this hose has a t on it so where does these hoses go
Hi james 1217,

I've got the same motor so I'm posting a diagram with the lines marked. There should be a drain hose / overflow hose on the bottom of the bowl. On the side of the carb will be a hose to vent the bowl. This hose and the hose on the bottom can be routed behind the motor towards the ground. The side vent hose should run up and over the carb and then back down. If you have a fitting on your airbox, it can go there but the end must be open.

The fuel intake is marked on the diagram and the hose from this goes to the petcock fuel outlet.

If you have a vacuum petcock or fuel pump there should be another line. This would be to a fitting on the intake manifold or on the very front of the carb. This provides the vacuum impulse to open the petcock or operate the fuel pump.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you need additional information.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thats not the same carb but the bottom side of the carb on the bowl is a long hose witchi think is the drain hose then the valve set air cut has a hose with has a t. now off that t i hook a hose to the intake with gives the vac.then i hook the fuel pecock to the t. thats the only way i see it can goe but when it done that way it barey runs but when i take the hose off the intake it runs alot better but not perfect. i know the pecock needs vaccum to work but when i hook it up it run very slugesh. so tell me what im doing wrong
Here is a photo of it but their manuals have poor photos so it's hard to see. It looks like the line goes from the manifold to a T fitting with one line running back to the bottom of the vacuum petcock on the tank and the other to the air cut-off on the carb.

The lower hose on the bottom of the carb is the drain hose / overflow hose.

I'm looking for a better photo. The factory owner's manuals have clear drawings but don't show the hose layout. The shop manual has photos but they are all fuzzy.

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Let me know if that doesn't help. I have a friend with one of these and I can run over and shoot some photos. It wouldn't be until late in the day because it's still below zero and he has it stored where there is no heat.

This should be your carb diagram. They use a couple of different motors. You must have the GY6 motor. This is used in most of the Chinese scooters you see buzzing down the road.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes that diagram is my carb and that dark pic looks like it has 2 Ts is that what im suposed to have
I can't tell from the photo either. I will have to go look at one and take my camera with. I haven't worked on one in about 4 months so I just can't remember. I'll let you know as soon as I can get to the machine and shoot a photo.