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Wayne S.
Wayne S., Motorcycle Mechanic
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Suzuki: which wont start it is trying but wont fire up any ideas

Customer Question

i have a suzuki ay50 , which wont start it is trying but wont fire up any ideas please
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Wayne S. replied 8 years ago.
Good day,

first thing you need is compression,
check if it has some pressure
where the spark plug screws in.

Check if there is good spark by laying
the spark plug on the engine
with the wire connected
when starting.

Try draining the carb and see
if it fills again, could be
no fuel or water in the fuel.
If it has spark try some
carb cleaner in the carb
opening and see if it fires.

The carb may have a thermo-choke
that needs to be checked.
It has a wire on it and should
get some power from the battery
to make it work.
Check if it is getting power.

Make sure the air filter is not
plugged or the air box.

Is the spark plug wet or dry?
Is it black, sooty or oily?