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2005 honda: the electric shift stops working

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I have a 2005 honda rancher es 350. the electric shift stops working. took it in last year and it was covered under warranty. happen again this year, always during hunting season when it is cold and wet out. if I disconnect the brake light switches and don't use lights it shifts fine, however, with the swithces connected all I get is a blinking shift location and the unit won't shift. ever heard of this problem.

hello and welcome

alot of times water gets into the harness and connector for the left handlebar switch. ive seen alot of them do this. hondas remedy was to cut slices into the harness sheething so that it would air out. and some dielecric grease in the connector.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what connector are you reffering to
if you can follow the harness from the left handlebar switch assembly, it goes up under the front fender, it is a larger gray connector, has quite a few wires going to it. in order for the connector to come apart it will first need to be taked clipped off the frame. its a little bit of a trick but there is a tab you lift up on and it will come off that way.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you for your response i will try this.
ok great, it may be self explainatory when you get to it but a tab will need to be pressed on that connector to seperate it. i left this out in my explaination. just hopeing to get as much info to you as possible to help. thanks