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How do I winterize my ultra 250x kawasaki jet ski?

Customer Question

How do I winterize my ultra 250x kawasaki jet ski?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Certified-HD-Buell replied 8 years ago.
First get the ski out of the water, on the trailer tilted back. Start the ski very briefly (no longer than 15-20 seconds at a time) a few times, turning the bars side to side. This clears all remaining water from the ski. If you have drained the ski already, dont attempt this.

Second, wash it, wax it and make sure the hull is completely dry inside and out. This will prevent any water logging in any micro fissures in the coatings of the hull. The wax will prevent oxidation during storage. Spray some multi purpose lube on a rag and wipe down all your metal items, it may help to wipe down any frequently wetted areas of the engine compartment with this lube, on the engine components only, dont let oil sit on your fiberglass, as it may stain.

Now youll want to buy some fogging oil, remove all the spark plugs, and air cleaner elements, and fog all the airways as well as into each cyll. ground all the spark plugs with jumpers or by contact with the motor (DONT HOLD THEM, THE ARC WILL FIND YOU FASTER THAN THE MOTOR). Hit the starter a few times, very briefly (1 sec or less) to spin the motor over and coat everything. Pop the plugs back in and from this point on do not run or crank the ski. Put all your air cleaner elements, some opt to place tape over any openings, including the nozzles, exhaust ports, intake openings, breathers, etc. to keep critters from making home in there. Nothing beats blowing a dead mouse into the water the day you start it or sucking an insect nest into the intake when you start it up.

Pull the battery and place it on a bench or in a battery storage box, put a float charger like a battery tender jr, on the battery, all winter. This will keep your battery like new even after extended rest periods.

Apply a rubber/vinyl conditioner to all your plastic and rubber items, inside the engine compartment and out. This slows dry rot over the life of the bike, also helps the vinyls retain their color over the life of the ski. Dont apply anything that leaves a oily or sticky residue after some rubbing, youll want to rub the plastics untill they look like new but arent shiny or oily to touch, this will collect alot of dust.

Top off the fuel tank, and put the apropriate amount of fuel stabilizer for the ski in the tank. This prevents condensation and corosion in the tank, as well as keeps the gas from gel'ing up on you and causing the carbs/efi components to gum up and sieze/block. This is one of the most important steps for the longevity of the ski and keeping the maintenance costs down.

Store the ski somewhere it wont be near open flames, or likely to have animals nesting/eating away at it. If you believe in it, rat or mouse poison somewhere out of reach of the children, under the cover youll place on it, does wonders. Also make sure you have a nice ventilated cover, even in a garage a ski can have condensation problems with the wild temp changes of winter, so ventilation is key.

Good luck!
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