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I have a yamaha breeze and am unsure with the valve timing.

Customer Question

I have a yamaha breeze and am unsure with the valve timing. the letters T I H are stamped on cdi rotor, i am lining up the I to the stationary pointer but there is also a circle stamped out above these letters, is this TDC. engine has new piston, rings, gaskets, timing chain with upper and lower sprockets, carburetor and fuel filter are all new. engine hesitates/takes fuel slowly apon acceleration, feels like its getting too much fuel but also feels like valve timing is off. stalls apon decelaration, idle.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  MarcLeonti replied 8 years ago.
The H isn't the letter H, but a range where the spark should be firing. T is the letter T, and stands for timing. The I should be right nevt to the T, and this is your timing mark. Confirm this by putting something in the spark plug hole as you SLOWLY turn the motor by hand. You can feel the piston come to TDC. TDC should coincide with the timing mark on the rotor. Once that is set, you can make sure your cam is where it should be and you're all set!
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
allright, now i know i have the timing right, any ideas why this thing is running the way it is ? it takes the gas slower than it should, as if its burning off excess fuel but i could also say it feels the same way a four cylinder car does when you change the timing belt and its off one tooth at the camshaft
Expert:  MarcLeonti replied 8 years ago.
If it's running rich, you should be able to see & smell it out of the exhaust. Do you have any smoke? What color? Is the air filter clean? Is the gas fresh?