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Experience:  School: Honda, Suzuki. Dealer Exp: Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha. 9 years Pro. 13 years total.
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1500 Classic: Kawasaki..The leak iis..motor mounts..drops

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I have a 1996 Vulcan 1500 Classic by Kawasaki. The leak iis on the back cyclinder, and it is close to frame. I have take out only the motor mounts, but it only drops about 1/2 an inch.
I need more information about the leak. Is it at the base of the rear cylinder? Are you trying to remove small components such at a timing chain tensioner or valve cover or are you trying to remove the cylinder head and cylinder? Is it a coolant leak or oil leak?

This engine is known for being hard to work on in the frame. Most engine repairs that require even small amounts of engine disassembly require engine removal. Sometimes if you only need to get to a certain component and you are crafty about how you wiggle the engine around once it is loose from its mounts then you can get away without removing the engine. Unfortunately even when you can do the repair with the engine in the frame, most of the time is is easier to remove/install the engine and so the repair.

Please be more specific about the leak and the type of repair you are trying to accomplish so I can help you with the procedure(s).
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Sorry about the lack of details. It is a valve cover casket at the back cyclinder that is leaking oil.

Ok, you are in luck! That is a difficult cover to remove but it is possible to do without removing the engine. You will need to remove ALL of the engine mounting bolts. I have always found it easier to maneuver the engine if the carburetor has been removed as well. You will also need to remove the exhausts including the header pipes. Carefully lift the front of the engine a little and slightly rotate it counterclockwise. Then you should be able to carefully leverage the entire engine forward slightly. At this point you should have just barely enough space to unbolt and remove the valve cover in order to repair your valve cover gasket. Make sure you get a new gasket and cam end plugs. It is recommended by Kawasaki to use "Three-bond 1211" liquid gasket sparingly on the gasket and cam end plug mating surfaces. Carefully replace the valve cover paying special attention to the position of the rubber components before securing the cover. Then simply follow the instructions in reverse to reposition the engine. Have fun ... I too have had a lot of choice words for Kawasaki during these types of repairs.
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