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Glenn Adams II
Glenn Adams II, Motorcycle/ATV Technician
Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  6 years Motorcycle/ATV/Water Craft; 4 years auto; 18 years carpenter
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Royale: Venture..000 original miles..ran well..rain weve had

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I have an 86 Yamaha Venture Royale with 17,000 original miles I recently purchased. It ran well until this past three weeks of rain we''ve had. Here''s the problem. When accelerating or guning the engine it backfires, both through the carbs and through the exhaust. My best guess would be moisture in the TCI unit as I understand these units are prone to moisture problems. It appears to be a timing issue. If you feel this assessment is correct, please let me know or do you have any other ideas?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I agree with your answer if the bike were misfiring, and you're correct in it would be an inexpensive repair, but this problem seems to be more a matter of the timing either being advanced or retarded too much (firing before valves close either during intake or exhaust strokes) This bike is equipped with a Transistor Control Ignitor board (TCI) that according to other owners online, is susceptible to moisture problems, and may be causing the timing issue. Since this a full faring touring machine and the unit is located in a place that's impossible to get to without removing all the fairing, I was hoping you may have experienced this problem before. If this sounds like a timing issue to you, firing before the valves seat, let me know and I'll proceed. I really just needed someone experienced with motorcycles to either agree or give some insight into the timing issues. I know when I built engines for my street rods (that had points and distributors) you could achieve this same effect by advancing and retarding the timing (backfiring through carb or exhaust). I supposed this electronically controlled unit does the same thing?

Let me know and I'll accept on your reply and THANK YOU for your time.


All of this is unlikely. Have you done what I asked?

75% chance it will cure your problem...

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank-you for the reply. I have done as you have suggested, but have yet to get the bike on the road do to time constraints. As promised, I will press the accept button and am appreciative of your time. You get positive feedback from me as well. Hope to get "out there" tonight.

Thank you!!!

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