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What are the settings for a kawasaki bayou 220 carburetor

Resolved Question:

What are the settings for a kawasaki bayou 220 carburetor? Such as how many turns out should the idle screw be and how many turns out should the air screw be? I have taken it apart and cleaned it very good,two different times and when I put it back together and try to start it wont start until I spray some carb cleaner in the air cleaner and then it will fire up and idle good,but when I ride across the field and give it all the gas it stumbles and does not wont to take it.Also I can let it sit for a while and cool down,come back and try to start it,it won''t until I spray carb cleaner in the air cleaner again.Can you please tell me what to do? Thanks.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  .... replied 9 years ago.
Hi CoolC,

The idle screw does not have a setting, it gets set to a reasonable idle rpm at normal operating temp(warmed up), your local air determines where it would be set as that really influences idle.

The fuel mixture screw is 1 & 1/4 to 1 & 3/4 turns out, if it needs to be out more or less than that you have other issues such as jetting issues or an air leak. I set them at 1 & 1/2, install fresh plugs take several high speed passes, then read the plug to determine rich or lean condition. and adjust jetting & the screw from there.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Brian's Post: The screw that is hard to get to kind of under the lip of the bowl,is that the air screw? and if so,what should it be set at as far as how many turns out to start with? like 1 or 1 and a half or what? Thanks.
Expert:  .... replied 9 years ago.
if it's on the airbox side of the carb it's an air screw, if it's on the engine side of the carb it' a fuel screw, either way, yes that is your mixture screw and yes it goes to about 1 & 1/2 turns out. I like them @ 1 & 1/2 but you may need to go in to 1 & 1/4 r out to almost 2, moe or less than that indicates a jetting issue or an air leak.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Those are the settings that I had.I don't understand why I have to spray carb cleaner in the air cleaner to get it to start every time that I go to ride it.I can spray it one or two times and it will start up and run,but if I letr it sit and cool after riding,like sit for overnight or a few hours then when I go to start it up again I have to spray it a couple of times to get it to start again.Why will it not pick up the gas and start after cooling down or after sitting all nught? Can't figure it out.Let me know what you think.Thanks.
Expert:  .... replied 9 years ago.
There could be one thing or several things happening. If fuel is not being "picked up" than that would be caused by low compression or more probably a leaking vacuum line. You have a vacuum operated petcock that relies on engine vacuum to get fuel to the carb. The low compression could be a result of worn piston rings(unlikely as the quad runs well once running) or more likely valves that need adjusted.

We then need to consider the possibility of a leaking choke assembly(air leak) or intake boot leak. Your choke assembly may simply not work right, or the rubber boot on it is cracked, causing a major air leak. There is also the distinct possibility that your float level is off or your rubber carb parts are dry & cracked, leaking air into the system. Also there is the possibility that the fuel mixture screw components are not in correctly but that usually leads to misfires and backfires, or no idle at all.

I think that because you need to spray carb cleaner in there you have an air leak and those are fairly easy to find, you will need to spray a fine misty of penetrating oil around the intake boots and carb bodies, if your idle goes up or down you have an air leak. Work on pinpointing it with spraying lightly.

I would also go ahead replace the vacuum & fuel line as hose is pretty cheap. While you are there put an in-line filter in the fuel line to keep small particles out of the carb, if you haven't already.

Let me know if you need more assistance.
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