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Spirit: special tool..motor type Arctic Cat) flywheel puller

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I have a 1981 Arctic Cat Eltigr''e 5000 with the Spirit 500 CC motor and I need to get the flywheel off and I am wondering if I need a special tool to do so? I dont want to force it if it requires like a flywheel puller? Also, would it be a "Special" ( for this year and motor type Arctic Cat) flywheel puller if in fact I do need a flywheel puller? Any ides where I can get one if I do need one?
Hi JK,

Yes, you do need a flywheel puller to get the flywheel off. Without it you will damage the flywheel and maybe the stator and crankshaft.

Arctic Cat sells a great one. It will fit all Arctic Cat sleds almost every other sled made, and most dirt bikes. The reverse side of it can be used to hold clutches too. Get it at any Arctic Cat dealer. You can also get a universal one at Dennis Kirk or any snowmobile shop or online seller. One size does almost fit all.

You can make one also, but would need some plate steel, a torch and a welder. Otherwise it's a very simple design. If you want to do that, I can draw it up and post it.


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