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Question about a mitsubishi 91 model L300 4 × 4 sh

Customer Question

Hi there .
Question about a mitsubishi 91 model L300 4 × 4 sh commercial overhauling the suspension & steering. & wonder if the suspension arm bushes are ok.
I have the passenger side stripped back to the CV axle & just the upper control arm still in place & just to see how well the suspension arms moved in comparison to each other through their motions...
...but noticed that I could move the top arm up & down but not the bottom arm, I needed a hydraulic car jack to move it, would that indicate a problem with the lower arm bushes.
& how far should it rotate towards the ground.....because when the bolts are loose it moves from pointing at the ground right up to the bump stop, & with bolts tight it moves from bump stops down to horizontal with the ground....& I cannot move the arm without the jack.
I would like to know how the bushes, metal inner sleeve & bolt work /operate in relation to each other...
...I believe that the arms & rubber bushes would be the originals (as I have owned the van for seventeen yrs) & they do not look deteriorated...but im not an expert on deteriorated rubber bushes...
Thanx in advance for any advice....SMILES...from me Neil.
...maybe they have swollen up and are note moving aswell an more.y
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Kalamykid replied 8 months ago.

The reasone the lower is not moving with out a jack is due to the springs. The will push down on the lower control arms, where the uppers have nothing to push them up or down. As long as the bushings do not turn in the metal sleeves, they should be good. The rubber is bonded to the metal sleeves so they should not have any movement between the collars, rubber or outer metal cage.

Expert:  Kalamykid replied 8 months ago.

On your truck, there are tortion bars hat are twisted to push downwards on the lower control arm, and springs, I am sorry I was typing to fast for my brain to keep up.

Customer: replied 8 months ago. say I have torsion bars which push down on the lower control arm...well yes I do have torsion bars but they are anchored to the top control arm, & I have them completely backed off which makes easy enough for me to move them by hand.
And they do move through the full up & down motion.
Now the lowers do not have any spring components or anything else connected to them, they are bolted the the chasis mounting & with no ball joint or anything else attached to them.
I would think that they could be maneuvered physically by me without any aids or problems....from bump stop to a completely vertical position at the lowest point facing the ground below.
I cannot see any reason why they wouldn't swing all the way down & by human muscle power, because
nothing is connected to them to stop it.
You say that the rubber is bonded to the metal sleeve, doyou mean the metal inner sleeve that has the bolt inside of it, because that would mean that the control arm spins around the rubber bush, because the inner sleeve is hard up against the chasis mountes that the pivot bolt goes through & the inner sleeve ends that are hard up against those chasis mounts (have as I
mentioned before) have sloted grooves in them to stop them from the control arm must swing around the rubber would that be correct.
& if so why wont they move without a jack.
Expert:  Kalamykid replied 8 months ago.

That is why they will not move with out the jack. If the rubber is that strong, then the rubber bushings are in really good shape. The rubber will flex, so if the arm does not move then they are just fine. Now as for the uppers, if they move that freely, then they probably do need to be replaced.