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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Mitsubishi
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Experience:  Mitsubishi employed and Factory trained ASE certified technician
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Mitsubishi Sportback GT: ** Only**

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Mitsubishi Sportback GT: **Doug Only**

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the delay... thanks so much for the tip!

Let me know when you are ready to continue here... on the uploads, remember just do the attachment without putting the picture in-line as that does seem to break the questions sometimes :)

Customer: replied 10 months ago.

Ok, not sure how to do that, testing here. Did you get an attachment? I uploaded one, but did not insert it. Also, I'm gonna' be going to the 235/40's here soon. Now, with the monster sway bar upgrades I've done in both the front & rear, I've had a HUGE increase in torsional rigidity, like 195%+. I've also swapped out the OEM sway bar links, for Moog High Performance links, and I'm on the Evo X GSR rims, wider by 1.5". Should I have ANY concern about stress on the bearings or hubs at all? The forums all say no issues, but I need a Pro's opinion.

Thats perfect.....

Customer: replied 10 months ago.

I'll do that from now on....didn't know. Ok, what about the stress issue?

That's a nice looking wrap, that should drop your engine bay temps down a good bit for sure!

With the bearings.... as long as you aren't extending the weight distribution further out, which puts a load on the inboard area of the bearing, you'll be fine. You would have to be talking about a major shift in wheel offset (like 20mm spacers etc) to really have to expect a bearing issue.

It's when you widen the track that you run into issues with the bearings, because as you do so it basically pulls harder downward on the bearing.

Think of it like this... if you have a single paper towel sheet held tight between your hand and you put a 5lb weight in the middle, no big deal. If you extend the width to 2 paper towels or more, all of a sudden that same weight in the center pulls downward much worse. The same thing happens on the bearings... They are meant to have a certain amount of downward load on them, and widening the tires/wheels an inch isn't going to do anything when you are centered in the same location. When you move that center (offset) further out though, it drastically changes the vehicles weight as a load on the bearing.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.

Yeah, I'm not gonna' get crazy with it, just the wider & lower 235's. And this is an awesome shot from Lime Rock, coming off the back straight, turning into the uphill at about 70+. Look how freakin' even the car is, pulling almost 1G, the passenger side wheels are dropping right into the curve of the turn as the driver side awesome picture!! You should see the old shots before I did anything to the car.....was rolling over HUGE! (Found one, you can see the difference. This is totally stock, from 2013.)

Yeah and on stock (well, evo) rims, that isn't going to have any significant effect on the life of the bearings.

That is ridiculous how much tighter you got that thing!

Customer: replied 8 months ago.

Hey Hey!!!

Long time, no chat, I'm BACK!! 2 quick questions. 1. I have 2 sets of wheels, that have both been paired to the car at one time or another, swapping them on & off the car is no big deal, yes? 2. The plastic center cap for my wheels, 18" Lancer GT Rims, & 18" EVO X GSR....what are the measurements? 55mm, 58mm, 59MM, or 60MM? And would you happen to have a part # for each? Thanks!!!!

PS. This is what I was tracking Saturday....ooooooooohhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Scott,

Yeah no big deal with swapping the wheels back and forth since you know they both fit; the only issue is going to be the TPMS sensors in the wheels... you will get the TPMS Service warning when it doesn't see the same sensors if you don't move the sensors over. If you only have the wheels (not two sets of tires too), then just transfer the sensors over to the other wheels when you swap the tires. If both wheel sets have tires, then obviously only one set can have the TPMS sensors... so you would need to either swap the sensors over, or if you have two sets of sensors have the dealer (or a tire shop etc) program the current sensors to the car. These cars can only remember one set of TPMS sensors at a time.

Mitsubishi doesn't list the center cap diameter so you would need to measure it... part number for all SportBack 2.4's is the silver 4252A060. Most Evos are the same, but there is also for black/silver center cap (I think those are the BBS labeled ones) 4252A041 and one for chrome 4252A020.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.

Bummer. So I have to go back to the dealer each time I remount my rims huh? Frickity frick. I was hoping that once paired, they would be remembered. Ok. How's things in FL these days? And no comment on that bad fast ride of mine from Saturday???? :-)


Yeah, if you want to swap wheels around without dismounting and changing the sensors over, its a trip to the dealer or to a tire shop if you have one that can do Mitsubishi sensors (most should be able to).

Off the record so to speak... there is a tool or two out there that disables the TPMS system but they are super sketchy. Legally I can't endorse it (disabling federally mandated safety devices is a no no), but there are options out there google can help you with.

Florida... is hot :) We had a hurricane blow through and knock out power for nearly a week, so that was sticky. Otherwise about business as usual. Still more or less off-duty here for now, but thinking I may start back up sometime this month. We'll see.

And daaaaaaamnnn... I didn't see the pictures before. I bet that was a freaking blast, probably a bit different than Lancer!

Customer: replied 8 months ago.

Yeah.....I'm not gonna screw with my sensors. I'll deal with the dealership. No tire places here will do Mits pairings, they all say its dealer only. And YES!!!!!!!! It was the ULTIMATE kick in the ass!!! Porsche 911 Twin Turbo S. Holy crap....7 speed dual clutch, AWD, AW Steering, Launch control, etc, etc. Running 305/30ZR 20 Pirelli P Zero's in the rear, that thing has GRIP!!! About $190K. Hell, just the brake package is $10K. Friends car, cajoled him in to letting me take it on track. Ran a 1:06 flat 1st session in the car. I'll be smiling about that run until next Spring!! It's #5 on Car & Drivers Top Exotic Cars List. And now I know why!!!

Oh man, that must have been an absolute blast to drive, I'd love to get some seat time like that. Too much bread for me to own that's for sure, I hear you on the brake stuff and all... those things' aftermarket are insane. Like upgrading brakes, or exhaust, etc is like the equivalent to buying a whole separate car in the Mitsu world :)

Customer: replied 8 months ago.

HAHAHA!!! That was the OEM Brake Upgrade cost. Unreal. But, it was worth every single dime!! You jack that pedal at the end of the front stretch @ Lime Rock, @ about 135-140mph, & those things just GRAB!!!!!! SO sexy!!!

Ya ya, exactly!

Customer: replied 7 months ago.

Hey Doug!!!!! Long time, no chat. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday!!! Quick question....I'm up for emissions testing now since the cars's almost 4. I have the OEM ECU in it. I shouldn't have any issues with the headers, intake & Tsudo exhaust, should I? I still have the cat & all that stuff. Thanks!!

Hey Scott, I was just thinking about you.

It depends on your test procedure there.... if it is OBD only, definitely pass. If it is OBD and smog only, should definitely pass.

If it is visual inspection... it will depend on how thorough they are. For example in california a visual inspection would fail with the header or the intake, however in more casual places a visual would be just to make sure the catalyst is still there, or make sure underhood smog equipment (not applicable to you) is still there, etc.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.

Great!! Yeah, they just look to be sure the cat's there, and use the OBDII hookup with a dyno type run. They stick a probe in the exhaust & run it up. I should be good then! Thanks brah!!!

Customer: replied 7 months ago.

Oh yeah....I'm at the 30K mark on the engine & CVT. Is there anything I'm supposed to do maint.-wise?

Yeah you should be fine for that. There isn't really going to be that large of an impact from the header/intake as long as the cats are still there.

For the 30k... you already did your CVT fluid and filter, really the only other things are the engine and cabin air filters.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.

I do the oil every 4 months, currently running a K&N Pro oil filter, and I do the cabin filter every fall, so I think I'm good!! I had seen on one of the forums something about a timing belt service...not due, or not an issue on my car?

Yeah you should be good to go. These are very light maintenance cars, and for people babying them they really don't need anything but engine oil for the most part. You have a chain drive engine, so no worries about the timing belt. There is no interval for changing the chain either, they don't really fail. Plugs are normally due at 105k, but you are taking care of those early anyway.

By the way, if it is possible lets get a rating done on this question so I have it marked as wrapped up before the end of the month since we are pushing two months on it. We can continue talking here without opening a new question as normal of course.

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thank you!

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