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Mitsubishi Eclipse GS: I have a 01 eclipse gs 2.4L and my car

Customer Question

I have a 01 eclipse gs 2.4L and my car will not start. Here's all that happened. Some one smashed into the drivers side rear quarter panel. Had a shop repair the damage with a new quarter panel paint etc. After a few days my car would stall at idle. I would have to hold my foot on gas to keep it at 1000 rpms just so it wouldn't stall. (This didn't matter if I was going down the road or stopping) This went on for a day or so and then the tachometer stopped working. I looked up common symptoms online and it seemed that all that was needed was to clean the throttle body and the maf sensor and iac sensor which I carefully looked online to see the steps on how to do. I used the correct cleaners and everything. Car ran fine tach started working but would still have to hold idle at 1000. I took it for a test drive and one of the ignition coils blew and completely melted. Went to autozone and replaced both (just to be on safe side) now car will turn over but will not run. Took to a garage and they told me theythought it was the fuel pump. Got a fuel pump and placed it in the car yesterday. Turn key but do not hear the pump priming. I do however hear the relays under the hood clicking when I turn key on.(not sure if this is correct spot or not) I'm not sure what I'm missing. I do have a multimeter but am unsure what I need to check neck.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.
Hi,The fuel pump does not run at key on. That is an American car trait. The Mitsubishi electronics use the crank position sensor to activate the fuel pump (if the computer sees engine rotation, the fuel pump relay is energized).You need to start fresh on this and see what you do/don't have, as a few things have changed from the sounds of it and you need to know exactly what is missing preventing the engine from running.1) Make sure the Service Engine Soon light works... if it is not doing a bulb test at key on, the computer is not powering up. Double check fuses primarily in this instance.2) If the computer is powering up, check for spark while cranking. If there is no spark, check fuses first. If fuses are all intact, verify you have 12V power to one wire of each coil with the key on. If you do and there is still no spark, consider the crank position sensor likely at fault.3) If you have spark, check for fuel injector pulse while cranking. A noid light or similar test bulb across two pins of one of the injector connectors will suffice. You should have flashing while cranking. If you do not, check for voltage to make sure one wire of the injector connector has 12V at key on, if not then check your fuses. If it does but there is no pulsing light while cranking, suspect an immobilizer problem (bad key, computer/immobilizer ecu failure, etc).4) If you have spark and injector pulse, assume there is no usable fuel delivery. Check for pressure to make sure the pump is working... if there is no fuel pressure, check your fuses and relays as well as the wiring directly on the pump/connector. It is common for the connector on the pump to melt. 5) If you have spark, pulse, and fuel delivery, take a fuel sample to make sure the gas isn't bad. You can also use starting fluid to try to get it to run... if you have spark and compression (belt timing), then it should fire up on starting fluid. If it does, assume either bad fuel or a bad camshaft position sensor (unlikely without a trouble code though).6) If you have all of the above and it won't run on starting fluid, assume a a compression issue (either internal failure or belt timing etc).