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Mitsubishi Raider Durocross: Mitsubishi Raider 2006, O2 Sensor

Customer Question

Mitsubishi Raider 2006, O2 Sensor Bank 2/1 fault PO052, Multiple misfires and blinking engine light when raider is driven for short while. Need Electrical service manuals and diagrams, local shops not able to analyze problem. Can the computer be at fault?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.
Hi,It is becoming increasingly common to run into wire harness failures on these Raider/Dakotas from 06-08. When they occur you will get severe misfiring (enough to flash the engine light) and random component failure codes. The most problematic areas are on the passenger side where the harness leaves the computer and loops around the accumulator bottle, where the harness bends down around the back passenger side valve cover area, and where it crosses the back of the engine/transmission area. If traditional diagnosis has not come up with anything I would start fooling with the wiring harness to see if you can influence the condition. Meaning starting it up cold while it is still running OK and begin manipulating the harness to see if you can make it run worse and/or after it is running poorly do the same and see if you can either make it run worse or even better by shifting the harness around.Considering you are seeing a high input fault on the O2 sensor, this makes it all the more likely to be harness related. Otherwise you will be down to tracing the wiring from the O2 sensor thoroughly for breaks before considering a computer issue. It would be well after harness issues as far as odds go... while Dodge products are well known for computer failures, this particular model is more known for wire harness failures and always causing pretty much this exact behavior.