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Bought my 2000 mitsubishi montero sport from a dealership

Customer Question

bought my 2000 mitsubishi montero sport from a dealership and everything was perfectly fine windows rolled down and up ,i replaced the stock stereo speakers on all 4 doors and put a new cd player in it and everything still worked all the wiring was put back in original spot but a couple days ago i put oil in my car and all the windows stopped rolling down i know the oil has nothing to do with it but i dont know what else would be the pronblem i checked all the fuses and they were still good any ideas!?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Mike V. replied 1 year ago.

Hi there,

This might seem stupid, but check and make sure you didn't bump the window lock. If you hit it by mistake it could be the problem. If this isn't the issue, let me know. If you have a test light we can check the main window switch for power and take it from there.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no that was my first thought but it didnt work
Expert:  Mike V. replied 1 year ago.

Ok, do you have a test light?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
im not with my car now im actually at work but im not sure if i do or not what is it?was hoping to get an idea of any issues i might check before taking it in
Expert:  Mike V. replied 1 year ago.

Well, the first thing to take a look at is fuse #10 in the fuse box inside the truck. This is one of the power sources for the power window relay. If the fuse blew then the relay won't work and that will prevent the windows from working. If the truck has heated seats and they work, then the fuse is good and not the problem.

There is a black fusible link under the hood that could also cause the problem. It's about the only thing that would be simple and could cause the problem out of the blue like that.

Otherwise, it might have broken a wire in the harness to the switch where it goes through the body and into the door. These are the places I would look to begin with. Maybe with a little luck fuse 10 is the problem and swapping it will solve it.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
why did i get charged 37$ for this...not worth 37 $ to hear some things i could "try" sorry but thats a rip off
Expert:  Mike V. replied 1 year ago.

I am going to pass this along to customer service because I have no idea why you were charged $37. I am only an expert here.

For the record, this is a do it yourself site. Not like the car is here and I can repair it for you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
ok i appretiate it and thanks for your feedback