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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
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Is 168,000 miles too much Montero sport? Price 2,300

Customer Question

Is 168,000 miles too much for a Montero sport? Price 2,300
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


Montero Sport prices can vary pretty wildly depending on condition and equipment. With 168000 miles this isn't really particularly high mileage. I have a few customers well into the 300k mile range, and a lot of customers in the 200s.

Really it all depends on how well the vehicle is maintained, but it is unusual to see any major failures even at this mileage provided the basic maintenance is done on time. That being said... $2300 being a "fair" price for the mileage depends heavily on the year and condition.

What year is this Sport?

Is this a 2WD, 4WD or AWD?

Are the major services (Spark plugs, timing belt) up to date?

Are there any known issues with the vehicle (common problems.... heavy smoking, oil leaks, transmission shudders/slips, coolant sludging, charging issues)?
How are the cosmetics (paint condition, dents, interior fabric/leather, etc)?

Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.

It looks like we must have missed each other.

I wouldn't be concerned about 168k on a Sport, I would just want to make sure there are no outstanding issues to worry about more than anything. Specifically:

Make sure the timing belt is not over due; it is a 60k interval belt and it will damage the engine severely if it fails from lack of maintenance. This is around a $500 job due to the labor involved, so if it is over due this could be a good negotiating point on the price.
Find out if the plugs are due... this is also a few hundred dollars because of the intake manifold needing to come off; they can be stretched to 60k miles as well.

Check for oil leaks underneath... there are three common oil leak areas, the front cam seals the valve covers and the rear cam orings. The first two are a bit expensive so, seeing oil underneath is a sign of impending expense.

Those are the big things/expenses to worry about. Most other issues specific to the model are less expensive/more infrequent. Of course the typical "used car" inspections would be in order... worn out tires, low brakes, etc are a good indication of how the vehicle has been cared for in addition to additional future expense to consider etc.

As for the price... as I mentioned before year and condition etc would make all the difference in if that is a good deal or not. If it is a 2003 and there are no major issues, its a good deal even for the mileage; if it has a 3.5 and AWD its an incredible price. If it is a 1997 and has no major issues, the price is average/typical, regardless of drivetrain though 4WD would increase value a bit. In general the older models (pre-2000 facelift) seem to settle around $2000 in average/good condition, and if it is in particularly good condition or well equipped/maintained etc then it goes up. They usually do not go below $1500-1800 around me unless they are in significant disrepair (major oil leaks, running problems, significant cosmetic damage, etc).

In the newer models the pricing scales up considerably with each year especially for well equipped models. Base/average equipped 2001 for example are usually around $3000, yet just two years newer at 2003 will usually bring $4500-5000, and if it is a loaded model (03/AWD/3.5) it isn't crazy to see $6000 in nice shape. People pay a good bit higher than "book value" on these trucks if they are in great shape and loaded.

With all that in mind... $2300 should be fine regardless of year/equipment provided there are no major issues to address. If there are issues/maintenance due/etc, I would certainly want it to be a newer (01-03) model to balance out the value with expected expenses to address. As long as the maintenance is not all past due or showing signs of being neglected, I wouldn't really even fact the 168k into it.. I would consider it average mileage (if not even a bit low) compared to most Sports available.