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I too am having the problem of battery draining after

Customer Question

I too am having the problem of battery draining after sitting for days. It's had two new batteries in the last two years. I've measured the drain and it drops to a consistent 25mA after a minute or two after hooking up an Ampere meter.2002 Mitsubishi DIAMANTE LS
VIN 6MMAP67P52T019723Any suggestions?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


25mA is an acceptable drain on this vehicle.... normal drain on this car is between 0.015 and 0.039mA, so you are right in the acceptable range.

If you are seeing the battery deplete after a few days you are going to expect that there is a defect in the battery (even if it is "new"), or that there is an intermittent drain that is occurring that you aren't seeing while monitoring it so far.

What I would do here is first try fully charging the battery (on a battery charger out of the vehicle, not just driving the car around) to get a good deep charge and then see if it is so quick to run down again; if it does not or lasts a day longer etc, then I would suspect the battery is questionable.

If it still goes totally flat over the same time period, then I would start disabling circuits one at a time to see if the problem goes away; starting with unplugging (both the connector and the cable lug) the alternator as they are common phantom drains like this, followed by pulling the IOD fuses (the ones with the little handle/box you can pull up out of the fuse box) to disable the ETACS (The second most common random drain).

Moving forward from there there are not a lot of common issues regarding drain, at least not ones that don't either have pretty obvious indicators (buzzing from the throttle body with key off, for example) or are constant drains and you would see a more substantial drain (for example the rear courtesy lights and the trunk lights both are common to stick on, but would show around a 0.100-0.300,A draw when they are the case).

Given that you have had this occur over two batteries it puts a bit of a twist on the situation. If the problem was 100% evident even with the new batteries (within a week or less), then we would suspect a problem on the vehicle (draining alternator, ETACS waking up randomly, etc); if the problem was temporarily resolved (more than a week) when the battery was replaced each time, it iquite likely you just have been running into low quality batteries.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Doug,It's basically three batteries. The first was replaced because "it wouldn't hold a charge" and two new ones; two gold at Advance Auto. The mid battery has been charged overnight and over the weekend at Advance. They performed checks and said it holds a charge.Not a lot of common issues. Shoot, I was hoping there were.I assume you meant the normal range is 15 to 39 mA not 0.015 to 0.039 mA. Big difference there :)I'm seeing about a 100 to 200 mA draw when I open and close the door and it drops back to ~25mA when the rear light goes off. Not the lightsI will try the alternator and then the ETACS.
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.

Right, when I say "0.015" (note no mA afterward) that is the same as 15mA. You are seeing a 25mA draw, which would be 0.025, which is normal range.

The 100-200mA draw when you open the door is from the dome lights primarily, but also the ETACS waking up plays a smaller role too. The bulbs are the big draw.

Again with the measured draw at rest being so low and normal range, it is only going to be something intermittent or the battery; if you have lots of time on your hands I suppose you could hook up your ammeter in line and just watch it over long periods to see if you see the draw increase out of normal range. At least that way if you see it go over 40mA or so you would know for certain something is coming alive and pulling the battery down. If it does not though and you never exceed 25mA, then that really only leaves the battery if it is going flat in a few days time (not 2 weeks etc).

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