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I have a 2003 mitsubishi galant. The radiator and starter

Customer Question

I have a 2003 mitsubishi galant. The radiator and starter have been replaced brand new in the last month. I ran it on no transmission fluid recently, unknowingly. It got so bad I couldn't go above about 5 mph. I had a mechanic put in about 5 quarts of fluid and it was fine. It was due to a hose not being tightened all the way when the radiator was replaced and all the fluid ran out. That was about two weeks ago. It ran fine until the last few days when while idling in drive or reverse, the engine jerks and vibrates. It stops in park and doesn't do it when driving. There is a clattering sound that sounds like a small stick or piece of something rattling around when I accelerate. Yesterday, i could feel something go wrong, but I cant describe it, and then the check engine light came on. I took a video of the engine when I shift and it jerks pretty good and vibrates. I also noted a burnt rubber smell coming in the ac vents, but you couldn't smell it from outside the car.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Greg replied 1 year ago.

Going from what you said this is a classic case of a burned out transmission ,due to the time you drove with the transmission half full .

Now i would check the condition of the transmission fluid is most likely dark brown .

Also you will need to check for malfunction codes now the check engine light is ON you will most likely find

a P0700 code which means you will need to check for transmission codes .

I foresee that the valve body is acting up to deposits entering the valve body and all the noise is likely the planet gears in the transmission .

This is all speculation from experiencing the same from a customer car ,

Get me the malfunction codes then please get back to me .

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The transmission fluid is clear as day. Its still the same pink/red it was when it was put in two weeks ago. Its not at all dirty. If this were a transmission failure, wouldn't it be discolored? Should I check the filter/pan? If so, how do I do that on my car. I am leery to drive it but I am going to try to get that code.Before this light came on yesterday, I was sure this was a loose or bad engine mount issue after reading. It was very sudden and I had no problems with the transmission after the fluid was put in whatsoever until the last couple of days.
Expert:  Greg replied 1 year ago.

No not always , with you adding 5quarts will make it clear and clean .

You will have to do the diagnostics as you may have transmission malfunction codes .

With it stops/stalls when in Park shows a possible torque converter malfunction .

I would see if you can get to a local good transmission shop for them to check this out for you .

But i'm betting on a malfunctioning transmission .

You said Pink red was it clear or milky , normal is a clear transparent light red ..


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It does not stop or stalk in park, I didn't say that.Idling, but in drive, it vibrates heavily. It jerks and the engine shifts visibly when I go from park to drive but stay idling. It's totally fine in park.The fluid was very clear. Not even a little opaque.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The code is P0304.Cylinder 4 misfire.
Expert:  Greg replied 1 year ago.

Okay good thanks .

The transmission story got us side tracked ,

With the P0304 you have Number four cylinder not firing .this is enough to make the engine act as it is .

Could be a spark plug , coil or coil wire or even a engine mechanical issue .

Do a compression test on Number four, sounds like now a possible part of the valve that maybe rattling in the cylinder. this will be the rattling sound you have

Send me the link of the video you made ,so i can listen to it .