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My wife has a 2011 lancer and her slow down light comes on

Customer Question

Hey so my wife has a 2011 lancer and her slow down light comes on often when she's not speeding, her description about it is as follows below
"The car will hit 4 rpms and I can't get them lower"
and when I asked her does it shut off she responded with
"No I can drive it for a bit but once it hits this point and I stop I can't go anywhere
Id like to know what the issue could be
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


This is caused by a temperature issue inside the CVT unit. When the internal temperature of the CVT reaches 280F the MID display shows "Slow Down" and remains on that until the temperature of the CVT fluid has dropped. During that time period throttle response will be significantly reduced as well, and usually once you come to a stop the throttle will lock at 5% maximum application until the temperature drops.

This could be in relation to internal issues inside the transmission (high friction will increase temperatures... also worth noting that if the fluid has been changed or topped up with the wrong fluid it will cause high friction and this problem), though it could also be environmental. If the vehicle is driven in particularly hot weather and at sustained high speeds it will cause this condition as well. If the vehicle regularly sees high speeds (extended high way speeds or higher) we often drop the fluid level about 1/2 quart to compensate for this. The reduced level allows more ventilation inside the case (And still allowing without the safe fluid level range) and the fluid remains cooler preventing the warning from coming on.

As long as nothing has happened with the CVT fluid (no change or fluid or topping off), I would suggest getting the CVT scanned to see if any faults were recorded the last time it happened, provided it has been recent (They only retain for a day or two). If no faults were set to indicate an internal problem that may be related, I would inspect the fluid condition, and if the mileage is high enough (30k or higher) I would change out the fluid with fresh Mitsubishi CVT (there is NO acceptable substitute) but reduce the fluid 1/4-1/2 quart and compare behavior.

Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.

I will be in and out throughout the day; if you need more help with this just let me know.