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After our last correspondence, I said I was through with

Customer Question

After our last correspondence, I said I was through with this car, I lied. I was offered $104 to scrap it, hell, I paid $130 for the damn transmission. So one more time but this is the last. Unfortunately, the first one I installed worked the best. Vehicle
started right up, took it up the interstate, everything shifting smooth. Over the next week, it gradually declined. In hindsight, I think the problem was related to the wrong fluid being sold to me, Ford/Merc. Back to the yard. The second tranny came with
a shiny blue torque converter. I was getting an incredibly loud screeching noise and the car struggled to start. Turns out the TC was rubbing against a bolt head inside the housing. I thought I hit the jackpot with a donor car with only 109,000 miles. Got
the tranny back, pulled the pan and found it wiped clean. Now what, install or return it, might be something simple as a end clutch issue. So I drop it in and the axles won't turn. So number four is where we began our last contact and number five is kind of
doing the same things. Ever since the second install, it's been a real struggle to get the car to start. After it starts, there's a lot of noise that I think is coming from the tranny area. After a minute or so, it goes away and the car will start right up.
On this install, the driver's side half axle was spinning but not the other side. Now neither side spins and I can't hear the tranny engage.The one time it did something, the engine stalled. Basically, it's doing the same thing as the last one where you suspected
a TC or pressure problem. Is there anything you might have missed. Could something else possibly be causing the same identical problems?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


I can certainly appreciate your tenacity in the matter.... and I wouldn't have sold the car for that either. Scrap is really low right now ($0.02/lb here) but even at that it is a hard sell, let alone at $130.

The problem that makes this more or less impossible to diagnose is that you keep switching from one transmission to another and having different problems... meaning each transmission has a problem. If the issue was only that you had X happen like a shift flare, then sure we could speculate on a possible vehicle side problem (rare as it would be), but you are having different issues as the units are swapped.... going from one bad transmission to another.

Given the amount of time you have spent and who knows what on transmissions, not to mention not knowing the history of any of these transmissions at this point, the best thing to do would be to buy a new or remanufactured unit or if you really think you have a solid builder among the various transmissions you have bought, take it to a shop for overhaul and proper building with new components instead of trying to mix and match. Anything else is going to exercise your wallet and your patience to say the least.