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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Mitsubishi
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Experience:  Mitsubishi employed and Factory trained ASE certified technician
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I am experiencing hesitations in power, on irregular basis.

Customer Question

Hi Doug,
I am experiencing hesitations in power, on irregular basis. Had the codes read at the local shop, which gave P0306 and P0332. Already changed plugs before but that didn't fix the symptom. Pulled the coils and tried to read the resistance values but all values are same as #2 and #4 coil. Any idea what to look for?
Many thanks in advance and best regards ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.

Hi Rick,
As long as you are seeing a misfire fault individually like that we need to focus solely on that fault since individual misfires require such precise conditions to set.
It sounds like you have been on the right track already, but lets start fresh regardless. Being that it is #6 at least that is an easy one to get to.
Start by taking the #6 plug even though it is new and swapping it with the #2 plug. Then take the #6 coil and swap it with the #4 coil. Then clear the faults and drive until they return.

If the misfire follows to #2 then we know there is a plug issue; if the misfire moves to #4 then we know there is a coil issue.
If the misfire stays on #6 then that would fairly well narrow you down to a fuel injector issue or a compression issue (carboned up valve etc).
From there you would want to swap the fuel injector between #6 and one of the other cylinders to see if it follows.... if it does, then you know you have an injector issue and if it does not then you would be pretty well reduced to a compression issue (be it actual ring related which is unlikely or valve related (be it carbon build up or mivec timing related).
The P0332 is knock sensor related but should be a secondary concern since it is indicating the same side of the engine as the misfire. Knock sensors are very rare to fail.