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2004 front wheel drive outlander. just had struts f/ cross

Customer Question

2004 front wheel drive outlander. just had struts f/b cross sup. and controls arms front,
timing belt, flex pipe muffler front brake rotor calipers and disks/ plugs filter wires
and now over bump coming from rear clank sound not muffled sharp like metal.
any ideas
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


If this noise is new since the work was performed, your only real expectations here are either that something was left loose or the rear strut top insulators were not changed and failed from being swapped over.
With the noise being new, we know it is in relation to the work that was done so that narrows the focus down pretty well. Knowing also that the noise is from the rear, that pretty well isolates us to either the rear strut replacements or the muffler/exhaust since all other work was up front.
I would be checking the muffler hangers are all in use (especially if an aftermarket/universal muffler was installed and they may not have transferred all of the hangers), and I would check the rear suspension (lower lateral arms, sway bar links etc) for anything left loose that was removed during the strut replacement. If nothing can be found, then I would have to expect the strut or strut insulator ("strut top") is faulty.