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My Mitsubishi what start it sounds like it was the fuel pump

Customer Question

My Mitsubishi what start it sounds like it was the fuel pump I change it and its still not starting up
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.

Before doing anything else find out if the timing belt is intact. Have a helper crank the engine while you look inside the oil fill hole and see if there is movement. If there is not, then you know the timing belt has failed.
If there is movement inside the engine, then proceed with standard diagnosis..... check for spark, check for fuel flow, check for injector pulse. Unless there was a major internal issue (which generally would just be the belt anyway), performing those tests should find one or more lacking.
Generally speaking, when people think the fuel pump is bad on these it is usually the crank position sensor. The reason for that is the fuel pump is driven off the crank sensor signal, so no crank sensor operation equals no fuel pump operation. It is worth noting that when the crank sensor fails you will all engine control function.... no spark, no fuel pump, no injector pulse. This is because without the crank sensor signal, the computer does not even know you are cranking the engine.
If you are seeing only one item missing, then we would need to analyze your exact symptoms to see what is going on (no spark but have fuel pulse... inspecting the ignition system/fuses; spark but no injector pulse, inspecting the immobilizer/key system, etc).