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When did Mitsubishi stop building the SST automatic gearbox

Customer Question

when did Mitsubishi stop building the SST automatic gearbox into the Outlander? in 2010 2,2 DID SST automatic, looks like 2012 the SST was no longer built in!? so I was wondering when the change happend and perhaps why.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.


The SST transmission availability more than anything depends on your market. The SST was available in 2012 (And new model 2013+) in many parts of Europe and in Australia.

The transmission has proven to be only moderately reliable which is a part of why some markets are seeing them more than others, but more to the point is the cost involved versus sales. The SST transmission is not a Mitsubishi transmission, they are purchased from Getrag for placement in these cars. Since this is a SUPER expensive transmission (in the $10000 department new), Mitsubishi only buys based on sales... if sales are low, the following year gets fewer ordered since SST equipped models unsold is money lost for them. Then of course the reliability comes in as well, since that is further expense they have to consider when deciding if they will offer the unit in a market. Basically, if sales aren't great the year before for SSTs, the following year will see less/no SSTs ordered.

Depending on where you live, you can likely find one, you just may have to travel a good bit to get to it if you are in an area that did not receive them in the year you are interested in.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have a 2010 model with the SST, it packed up a year ago. Mitsubishi says they replaced this gearbox and now have another, but I have to replace the transmission and the engine block. about $25.000. They refuse to repair the SST. I have read that the SST in this period was very unreliable but these are comments on Blogs, so can't use as an argument. I am trying to find out when Mitsubishi decided to make the change and why. If I can get this information I have an argument, and can get my car out of the Mitsubishi garage where it has been for 11 months now. Do you know where i can get this kind of detail?
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.

It sounds like a real ordeal you've been through with that car, I'm sorry to hear that.
As far as SST repair goes, it is likely outside of their control. As I mentioned before these units are all purchased from Getrag for these cars and are not handled in house, because of that the scope of repairs allowed by Getrag is very minimal. They have only recently started supplying us with two primary parts for service... the clutch basket and the valve body (mechatronic). Those are the only components (major ones of course, apart from seals etc) available for repairing these transmissions, so anything else internal requires complete replacement. It isn't something the dealership has any say over, as Getrag does not make the internal parts available to anyone on them.
Generally speaking we see a lot of shift fork failures, some gear related damaged, synchros etc. All of these require full unit replacement without exception unfortunately.

As far as any sort of legal recourse you have, it is not likely as all you can really do is document how many failures there have been, spanning beyond just Mitsubishi but Ford and VW/Audi, BMW as well. They all use variants of this transmission and all have moderate amounts of failures just like Mitsubishi.

At no point though is there going to be anything that is going to indicate a defect in design or anything like that which would justify a class action or anything along those lines. You would need them to actually have discontinued use and even more likely have offered some sort of recall out of the unit before there would be a leg to stand on legally speaking. The fact that the transmission is still actively in use just worsens your odds anyway.

I would say the best thing to do here would be to get the vehicle out of the shop anyway, unrepaired, and get it to another facility that isn't more or less out to get you like it sounds like these folks are. You can always opt for a used SST for usually in the 2500-3500 range which can ease the pain a little bit. For $25000 though you might as well just go buy another one without any problems. Pricing the repairs that high make it sound like they just don't want to fix the car.