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I need help! I'm trying install a line out converter in my

Customer Question

I need help! I'm trying install a line out converter in my 2011 Endeavor SE and I can't find a wire diagram
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Is it the speaker output wiring that you are needing?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
the constant 12v and ground
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. I apologize for the delay, I had already left for the night by the time you returned.
For the constant power you will go to the 14 pin connector on the back of the radio. Its pin orientation is like this (looking at the wiring side of the connector, not the pin end):
Constant 12V will be on the Red wire with a White stripe, located at pin 11.
For the ground you will need to manually supply round. This radio does not have a ground wire, but rather it grounds through the chassis. If you look on the rear left side of the radio you will see a long metal bar going back to the crash bar behind the dash, held down with a 10mm nut. This is the primary ground for the radio. You can loosen the nut and put an eyelet terminal on the ground wire and put it behind the nut, or you can pick any number of other metal locations back there to ground. Again there is no dedicated ground wire for the radio on this vehicle since it grounds through the chassis, so you have to supply your one direct connection to ground.
For the speaker outputs this varies depending on which radio you have. If you have the standard radio with no amplifier you can get all of these wires at the radio. The normal indications of the standard radio is that the radio panel will -not- have any branding on it to speak of, and there is no subwoofer in the right rear corner of the vehicle (though the grill is there in most cases regardless, just no speaker behind it).
For the standard radio, use the following pin outs (using the same connector diagram as above):
Pin 1 Yellow/Red right rear +
Pin 7 Gray/Red right rear -
Pin 2 Yellow/Blue left rear +
Pin 8 Gray/Blue left rear -
Pin 6 White/Red right front +
Pin 14 Black/Red right front -
Pin 5 White/Blue left front +
Pin 13 Black/Blue left front -
If however you have the amplified system, most notable it will have the subwoofer in the right rear and the radio face panel will usually be branded "Rockford Fosgate", then you will need to tap the speaker wires at the amplifier for the front outputs.
The rear outputs and the tweeters will use the same wire locations as the non amplified system. The tweeters will take the place of the "front" speakers wiring on the non-amplified system.
If you remove the glove box door and backing panel and look up the A pillar you will see a long silver metal box with fins on it, this is the amplifier. It will have two connectors facing straight down at you, this is where you will need to tap the speaker outputs if you want to use the front speakers for your line out.
On the amplifier you want the 18 pin connector with this pin orientation:
Pin 7 White/Red right front +
Pin 17 Black/Red right front -
Pin 8 White/Blue left front +
Pin 18 Black/Blue left front -