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Triton dual cab ute 3litre v6 2002. Driving today oil light

Customer Question

Triton dual cab ute 3litre v6 2002.
Driving today oil light came on, pulled over, however I fear the worst. Had the car towed to Mitsubishi dealer waiting for the feedback on repairs.
How much to drop a new engine in and where to get it from
Thanks Mike
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Hi Mike,
Hopefully it isn't that severe... we do see the regulator/relief valves fail on these as well as the oil pressure switch simply go bad. It might be that once they hook up the mechanical gauge you find you have adequate oil pressure and the switch is just reading in error and requires replacement.
To go with a literally "new" engine will be several thousands of dollars.
Mitsubishi does not sell complete engines except under very rare sale periods (and even then usually on Evolution engines or the occasional 4D56). Rather they sell individual components and assemble them at the shop.
For low oil pressure, they will most likely want to replace the short block (since most of the time oil pressure is lost in the bottom end bearings) and a new oil pump for obvious reasons. Your incidentals like timing belt, head and valve cover gaskets etc would be replaced too.
For parts you would be talking about suggested list prices in the $4500 range for the short block, $100 for the timing belt, another $250 for the oil pump and $400 for the gasket kit.
Then you would expect in the 16-19 hour range for labor.. this would exclude any supplemental work like getting a valve job while the heads are off etc.
It would be very easy to exceed $6000 using new parts, unless they gave you substantial breaks over list pricing.
Putting a used engine on the other hand would be far more affordable. Your labor would drop down to the 10-11 hour range saving several hundred dollars in itself; your incidentals would be dependent on what you wanted to do (since it would come fully assembled and with timing belt etc already on).
Your cost for the engine will vary greatly depending on where it is sourced from, how many miles are on it, what sort of guarantee it is given etc.
In my market we have a good amount of these engines in junkyards so you can find them as low as $700 often, and rarely higher than $1300 or so. The higher the price of course usually comes with lower miles and often a better warranty (6 months versus 30 days etc).
Finding actual rebuilt engines on these is fairly difficult... every once in a while you'll find them available in the $3000 range, but its like once a year or so I'll find a builder that has these on hand. I would wager it has to do with the cost in parts to rebuild versus the availability of lower cost used engines making it a gamble having them on hand. If there are machine shops in your area you might consider pricing out an over haul that way, then you can have the dealer/shop pull the engine for you and take it to the machine shop for over haul, then return it to the dealer for install.
Going that route is still going to be considerably more money than putting a used engine in however.