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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
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My ac stopped blowing on my monterro sport, what fuses

Customer Question

My ac stopped blowing on my monterro sport, what fuses should I check
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
The only fuse to check for the blower operation is fusible link #6 which is a 30A pink fusible link under the hood. It is shown below (use my chart in case your cover is numbered differently):

The rest of the power is driven from the ignition switch, so if there were a problem there you would be having more malfunctions than just the blower.
The relay is in the same box, farthest forward/nearest the head light end of the box.
Those are your two prime suspects... if both are verified OK, then you will need to check for power at the blower motor connector under the dash. The blower motor has constant power with the ignition on... so if you do NOT have 12V there on the blue wire, you will need to go back and double check your relay and fusible link, and if both are definitely OK/working, then you will have a wiring issue in between.
If you DO have 12V on the blue wire, then you will either have a ground issue or a bad blower motor. Connecting a test light between the two pins of the blower motor connector is an OK test for this, you should see increasing intensity of the bulb with each fan speed. A better option is to hook up an alternate fan or other 12V motor so that there is a similar load (The bulb provides little load). If the test shows OK and you have increasing power with fan switch position, then the blower motor will have failed. This can be confirmed sometimes by hitting it (And it may spin briefly) or removing the motor and hooking direct power and ground to it and confirming malfunction.
If you do NOT have operation this way of testing at the connector indicating a ground problem, your only realistic possibilities are a bad blower resistor (in the duct work of the dash between the motor and the center AC unit) or the blower switch itself. For what it is worth... I think I have changed one or maybe two blower switches on these in the past 10 years with Mitsubishi. Blower resistors on the other hand are about once a month or so one will come in bad.
Over all.... in order of common failures, relay is first, resistor second, and motor third. Nothing else really fails typically on the Sport blower system.