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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
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Mitsubishi: Concerns Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin 2001 control panel

Customer Question

Concerns Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin 2001 control panel 2/4 wheels drive
when driving in 2 wheel mode, my car shows 2 blinking lamps (forward wheels)and 2
lamps (bachward wheels) lighted. When switching to***** all 4 lamps are on
(like normal). Do I have to do something about it and what?
Pls kindly adv
D Vespermann
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Your most likely problem here is going to be the free wheel clutch solenoid pack. This is the pack of two vacuum solenoids mounted on the frame rail below the air filter area normally. These direct vacuum to the front axle actuator to both pull it into 4WD and to pull it our of 4WD. Because this is a two way pull actuator, if vacuum is lost in either direction you will result in not being able to full engage (or disengage, depending on which vacuum supply is failing) the front axle.
The front axle uses a position switch in it to tell if the xle is engaged or not. If the range position is a 2WD and the axle switch is in 2WD position, the front wheel lights turn off. If the range switch is in a 4WD position an dthe axle switch is in 4WD, then the lights are solid. Any mismatched position (range switch in 2WD but the axle in 4WD for example) will cause the lights to flash, which is what you are seeing now. It is important to note that again the actuator uses vacuum in BOTH directions... so just because the actuator is not pulling hte axle into 2WD does -not- mean it is "in" 4WD, simply that it is not in 2WD yet, it is somewhere in between.
What you need to do first is double check ALL of your vacuum lines on the vehicle to make sure you are not having any sort of vacuum loss... rotted pipes/hoses, disconnected, missing etc... these will all cause this issue. If you have access to a hand vacuum pump you can manually engage/disengage the actuator and verify it is not leaking as well.
If the those are all intact, the solenoid pack is most certainly it... they fail a lot. You can bench test it fairly easily.... resistance reading from each coil should be in the 35 ohm range, any more than 25% variance would be an issue. The valve operation can be tested by hooking the hand vacuum pump to one solenoid at a time and applying/removing voltage and ground to the coil. If either solenoid will pass vacuum regardless of voltage or hold vacuum regardless of voltage, the solenoid is bad.
For what it is worth, these solenoid packs account for nearly every single 4WD malfunction like this that comes in the door. Pretty much the only time we see if behave this way and be something else is if someone worked on it recently and forgot a vacuum hose or hooked something up wrong, etc.