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Mitsubishi 3000GT SL: I just bought a new alpine stereo system.

Customer Question

I just bought a new alpine stereo system. I unhooked my stock radio in my 1994 Mitsubishi 3000gt sl with a stock amp under the passenger seat. There is a 14 pin connector 2 antenna plugs a big one and a smaller one and there is a yellow wire with grey strips attached to a black clip (which I determined was the remote control) my new radio only has a spot for the big antenna plug the adapter harness. I've plugged everything up and can't see to get my radio working, will it work if I haven't connected the ground yet? On my harness going from the new radio I have the blue wire labeled power antenna the Orange wire labeled alumination, red wire, yellow wire labeled 12v power, and a orange wire with a white striped labeled dimmer. On the adapter there is no illumination dimmer or power antenna blue wire that is the same color what should I do with these wires?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 1 year ago.
The smaller antenna jack is for the glass-embedded antenna that is used to give adequate radio reception while the power antenna is going up. This can not be used with aftermarket radios.
The radio will not turn on until you have it grounded.
If you have an amplified radio (originally), you will need an amplifier adapter harness before you will get audio out of the new radio.
The illumination wire is not present on most aftermarket radios, this is pretty typical and not an issue, especially considering many factory radios do not use it anyway. The two different lighting wires accomplish two things; one causes the back lighting on the radio to reduce when the headlights are on and the other allows adjustment of the back lighting based on the rheostat position.
Because most aftermarket radios at the least use LED illumination and as well often use precision controlled illumination (to allow color changes etc), the rheostat wire is almost never used. For most people you would prefer to just tape off BOTH lighting wires, giving the radio normal illumination at all times.
The antenna wire on the radio is the Pink one, but is not usually represented on the adapter harness as they do NOT play well with aftermarket radios. The factory radio sends a pulse on that line, not solid voltage, then the antenna ecu uses that to know it is time to go up or down. You can try hooking it up, however most people opt to run the antenna up then unplug it before changing the radio OR to switch to an aftermarket antenna that is 12V up/0V down like the aftermarket radio expects, and run a dedicated wire to it.