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Mitsubishi Endeavor LS: My son is stuck at the gas station

Customer Question

My son is stuck at the gas station 2006 Endeavor and when he pulled the release for access to fuel cap nothing happened. Won't open
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Hi,Endeavors should not have a fuel release for the door... Endeavors just have a curve in the back edge of the gas door to slip your finger behind and pull. If this is not allowing the door to open, then the hinge is seized and the only option is force. If the model is mistaken (Like a Montero with a dealer trim package called Endeavor etc), then you would have a small spring behind the door on the hinge that pushes the door so when the release is pulled it pops free. In this instance or any other model like it with the gas release lever, you have two possibilities here. Either the cable has broken/come off from one end or the other, or the spring has fallen off the hinge (they are common to break).The first thing to do is check to see if the spring is broken. You can do this either with a helper holding a credit card of screw driver etc in the back edge of the door applying light outward pressure while you pull the release lever, or if a helper is not available you can take some paper and fold it up thickly to wedge it tightly in the back edge of the gas door (creating outward tension) and pulling the lever. If the door opens in either scenario, you need a new door spring.If the door does not open in this condition, then it is more likely that the cable has failed either internally or at one end of the other. In this instance a screw driver would be necessary to carefully insert along the back edge, centered in height, and pry inward to push the striker on the back of the door inward away from the cable plunger end. That will get the door open for now and can be easily bent back when the problem is corrected, and then the cable situation can be more closely examined (see if it popped off the release handle or the plunger on the door end, check cable travel, etc.