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Mitsubishi Outlander: I am considering buying a 2008 Mitsubishi

Customer Question

I am considering buying a 2008 Mitsubishi outlander online at this link: There are two warning lights clearly visible on the dash: a red exclamation point in a circle with parentheses around it and a red exclamation point in a triangle. What do these lights mean? Also, do you have any other comments on this listing, for instance, should I worry about the rust on the bottom of the vehicle? Thanks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Hi,Thank you for your patience. With regard to the lights, you have nothing to worry about here.The red exclamation point in a circle with parenthesis around it is the brake warning light. This on other cars is often indicated with just the word "BRAKE", but on vehicles that are likely to ship to multi-language locations, they use that icon instead.This light will come on if either the brake fluid is low (As there is a float in the reservoir to turn the light on) OR if the parking brake is pulled up (it has a switch that turns the light on). Looking at the photos, the parking brake is pulled up in the photos if you view the shot picturing both front seats. So it is on due to the parking brake being pulled up. The red triangle is a bit more broad in scope, but still rather benign since you do not have any other lights on. The red triangle in the middle display is indicating that there is a malfunction screen set but not currently displayed. On the side of the cluster is a round button off to itself... in english speaking markets it will say "info", in others it will be a picture of paper usually. As you press this button it cycles through the different messages on the display. If there is an error message set and you shuffle past it, the red triangle will stay lit to let you know there is still an error/warning.To know what it is, you have to cycle through until you hit the error, but be aware that in addition to miscellaneous diagnostic reasons it could be on, it will also set for more mundane reasons.... if the doors/tail gate are open, the middle display has a screen to indicate that, and it will turn the triangle light on. If you are low on gas, again it will have a low gas screen that comes up, and that will also turn the red triangle on.Considering that the gas looks empty that is probably the warning it is indicating, but as well the doors are likely open for the photo as well which would set it just the same. As long as the engine management light (separate, orange picture of an engine) is not lit nor any traction warnings etc, the triangle will be relating to one of the more harmless causes like the gas tank being low like it shows etc .With regard to rust.... these cars are not too common to rust badly. This one is about typical for a car that was driven either in snowy conditions or near the sea. They generally do not get much more than what you see, and the wheel for the spare tire often shows worse than anything (it rusts easier than the chassis as it was not treated the same way for protection as the chassis was).As long as you do not see any rust up top (under bonnet around strut towers or above radiator etc), and you do not see any bolts that are rusted beyond recognition other than the exhaust bolts, I would not be overly concerned.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. I just noticed in the remarks section it says, "SPEEDOMETER UNIT HAS BEEN REPLACED." Does that mean that the mileage shown on the odometer may not be accurate or is that unrelated?
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
You're welcome. If the speedometer has been replaced then you should consider it TMU (True Mileage Unknown). The mileage is -only- stored in the instrument cluster/speedometer, so once it is changed, there is no way of tracking the history of the vehicle unless you have a service history with mileage documented OR a receipt indicating that the mileage was transferred from one speedometer to another (this requires an independent third party to perform for legal reasons... a shop can not do this themselves). I would be extremely hesitant buying the vehicle with the speedometer having been replaced unless they have appropriate documentation to back up the mileage... not having that severely hurts the resale value of the vehicle.