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So your sayiny aline both marks the mark on crankshaft gear

Customer Question

so your sayiny aline both marks the mark on crankshaft gear tooth and a notch in plate together then line to mark on casting in block ok my does not line up l never removed crankshaft gear but the plate could have moved right can I move the plate back to aline with gear
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.

That is correct, all three need to line up. If the gear and plate do not align, you have problems.
Generally this happens when removing the crank pulley as it can pull the gear forward if it sticks to it.

I take it you have confirmed it is definitely not aligned together by your phrasing. Are you in a position where you can remove the belt? The gear is going to need to come off for examination and if possible correction (it is rare, but sometimes there is damage that prevents reassembling it).
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

how does the gear remove by tool or side off

Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Once the timing belt is off, it should just slide off... there is no tool for this, as it is not a taper fit or anything like that. Normally they come off with zero issue, however if it is problematic you can spray the face of it (where the crank shaft is visible) with penetrating oil to help out, as well as tap the face of the gear to loosen it some then try pulling again.

Once the gear is off you will see it is three pieces. There is the gear in front, the reluctor plate behind it, then a spacer behind that.
The crank gear should have two roll pins in the back of it that the reluctor plate slides over, then the spacer slides over as well to sandwich together (you get an idea of that from the picture of the one taken apart).
To reassemble correctly, just wiggle the plate and the gear to loosen them until the three pieces come apart, then you can realign the plate on the gear so the marks line up. This is provided there is no damage to the roll pins. If the roll pins are smashed, sheared off etc, they will require replacement (you can get them from Mitsubishi or most auto parts stores will have bulk ones, you will just have to try a few until you get a tight fit).
If the holes from the roll pins in the crank gear are worn out from moving around or the holes in the reluctor plate are stretched out preventing a tight fit, you will need to replace the gear assembly. There is no safe way to really correct a loose fit issue like that reliably; I've tried several things, but for long term durability you are better replacing the gear. When replaced, the gear comes as an assembly with plate and spacer, roll pins, etc already assembled so you just slide it on and go.