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I sat on the hood of my 1990 mitsubishi... I sat on the hood of my 1990 mitsubishi galant

Customer Question

I sat on the hood of my 1990 mitsubishi...
I sat on the hood of my 1990 mitsubishi galant and the hood touched the positive battery terminal... now cannot start my car... I checked all fuses but none are blown... what should I look for?
03 July 2015 03:10
03 July 2015 03:26
to be more specific... on the positive post I installed a battery cut-off switch (with a level that opens and closes for theft protection) it stands a little higher so with my weight it touched that point on the lever. Also when I open and then close the positive post I hear a "click" and then my dash born lights work and the "key in ignition buzzer sounds" then when I turn the key I hear another "click" and then dash lights go off... the click I hear then seems to be coming from behind the glove box... could it bee the component located on the firewall just behind the glove box in the engine deptment? I also hear a "click when I open and close the battery lever in the vacum solenoid. part # ***** I TOOK
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Jake replied 2 years ago.
Ideally here your going to be looking at a fuse or fusible link issue of the car was working fine before grounding the positive terminal.
Magen turning the key to START are you getting a single click? Fast click? Cranking? Or nothing at all?