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Mitsubishi: I own a 2002 Diamonte, Mitsubishi. I noticed the

Customer Question

I own a 2002 Diamonte, Mitsubishi. I noticed the right side, passenger side, front and back are soggy with water. I would like to know where is the water coming from. I keep windows closed. I need help, please.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
If the passenger side is getting wet too it is most probable that you either have a blockage in the drain for the a.c. or the heater core/seals are leaking which is extremely common on this model.
What I would do first is pull back the carpets and get a sample of what is pudding up there... If it is water or if there is coolant too. If there is coolant then you would want to have the dash pulled and the heater core and heater core seals inspected/replaced as necessary.
If it is straight water, then you will want to have the vehicle put in the air so they can access the drain pipe and clean it out. If they are unable to get it cleared out then you would be back at a dash pull to access the a.c. box.
While it is certainly possible to have a windshield or sunroof leak, it is very unlikely without other indications (visible drips etc), and of course the two dash related issues are extremely common on this model making them far more likely.