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Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GS: I Would like to know if these

Customer Question

I Would like to know if these plugs are missing would the reservoir container hold any coolant for any amount of time? Even 3 days after (supposedly) blowing the engine. At first oil light battery light and break light came on while going 80 down the freeway. and it started to smoke really bad. so I pulled over and after it stopped smoking I checked the fluids and all was fine The oil level is full, smells awful tho. the coolant was more than half full. But my car will not start it sounds weak like it's trying to but nothing happens. now I Have a warranty and so I had it towed to a SERVICE Center and they said that it was my freeze plugs head popped off and that's why all my coolant drained and my car overheated and blew my engine. There is still coolant in the reservoir still to this day the same as there was when I sent it to them now they're telling me that my issue is not covered under warranty because the freeze plugs are on the outside of the engine please can yo
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hers what it look like when it was towed back to me from the service Center
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
If the freeze plugs weer to blow out, the recovery tank would still typically hold coolant.
The reason for this is that the recovery tank operates based on pressure and vacuum in the cooling system. When the system gets hot and pressurizes normally, it pushes the expanding coolant into the recovery tank.
When the system cools and the coolant contracts, it creates a vacuum in the system that then pull coolant back in to the system from the recovery tank.
If the freeze plugs pop out, the system no longer pulls vacuum through the hose to the recovery tank, since there are large holes where the freeze plugs were that will draw air in much easier, so typically the recovery tank will stay full.
I am rather surprised that they will not repair this under a warranty because of it being freeze plugs. Unless they have evidence that you had straight water in there and that somehow either rusted through the plugs or caused them to pop out under freezing temperatures, typically this is still a warrantable repair for a power train warranty.
I would double check your paper work and see if it explicitly excludes freeze plugs as maintenance or something... normally these are covered as power train items on -most- warranties.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hey say it's outside the engine so it not covered. Also would it be Necessary for them to rip out a spark plug? I mea n this guy didn't even put the cover back on the side of my engine to cover the belt he left everything in the front seat with the bolts and everything which just shows that he was in a rush is there any possible way for me to check to see if the freeze plugs Are in fact tissue or if it was something on the inside of the engine that was in fact the cause of my car overheating. Now I was told that if I try and start the car and I see something moving on the inside of the engine when I take the oil cap off that is a good sign. IS this true? any advice or tips on how to check if that was the main cause would bE Awesome
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
They pulled the spark plug to either check spark, check compression, or both.. The timing cover was pulled to make sure the timing belt was intact. Taking the oil cap off and watching for movement is another way to check for the timing belt being intact.
Both actions are typical when a car comes in with unusual cranking behavior (cranking fast etc). Leaving it disassembled is just poor form and not very professional.
You can check to see if the freeze plugs are in fact leaking by refilling the cooling system. If they are popped out, the coolant will relatively quickly find its way out of the system. However, the problem is less the freeze plugs and more the over heat condition that followed. If you have low/no compression from it overheating, putting new freeze plugs in won't do anything... you are still going to need the same repair. If there is no/low compression, the cylinder head is coming off no matter what... if the freeze plugs were the cause or not, the bot***** *****ne is still unfortunately the same.