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Mitsubishi Pajero: Sir,My Mitsubishi 2003 pajero has

Customer Question

Hi Sir,
My Mitsubishi 2003 pajero has a problem, when I started my car there was whistling sound and the Abs light, hand brake light and the atc light was on and there is no break. I even changed the battery since it was old. But still no use. Will highly appreciate if you can help me.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Is the sound like a constant tone/alarm coming from inside the dash area?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes its constant tone/alarm comming from inside the dash area.
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
The constant tone is the HBB (Hydraulic Brake Booster) warning system, it will -only- mean there is an internal failure of the HBB.
The HBB has many failure points, however the warning tone will only set based on the following failure areas:
ECU failure
Pressure system/monitor area
Pump failure
These are all pretty much deal breakers on the HBB... the ECU only comes as a complete HBB, the pressure sensors and of course anything related to internal pressure problems come as a complete HBB. The pump unit -can- be purchased separately if it is seized (pretty common), however I normally do not recommend replacing it alone and here is why: These units are SUPER common to fail... if you spend $1000 for example on having the pump replaced, there is nothing guaranteeing that you won't have an ECU failure six months down the line which would require full HBB replacement, which would come with a new pump. Making the money spent on the pump a waste. The HBB is a few hundred dollars more, but for the security of knowing the system is all new to me it is worth it.
What you need to do first is get the truck either to a dealer or to an independent shop with a professional range scan tool (not an OBD reader), that has HBB access. Then you can see what exact fault(s) are responsible for the alarm tone being set and you can evaluate from there. If there is a pump failure fault for example they would want to investigate the relay systems for issues, if there is an ECU fault there is nothing left to do but replace and so forth.
To my knowledge there is no one that refurbishes these units. You can get used HBBs for the truck of course however you run the risk of getting a bad one or one that will be bad soon. It is worth noting that the HBB failing is a common cause for these vehicles going to salvage due to the cost to fix. If you get a used one or a new one you will still need either a dealer or a shop with a professional scan tool to install it. In addition to requiring calibration of its sensors which can only be done via scan tool, these will normally have difficulty bleeding the air out after install which requires the scan tool to purge the air from the pump.