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Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS 4x4: Observations: Montero Sport

Customer Question

Observations: Montero Sport 2000 4x4
Alt is bad again after replacing 2 months ago.
Alt bad again. Checked for shorts. Sparks appear when battery ground wire is lightly touched to negative post…. with all fuses pulled except #8 40A (battery symbol) fusible link located under hood in fuse panel # *****
What is #8 for anyway?
Is it normal to have current draw with this fuse home?
Is there a short somewhere in between that could be frying alternators?
Is alternator cause of current?
WTF? Need help with this one.
Thanks Brad in Juneau Alaska
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
Hi Brad,
There are two things that need to be considered here.
First, if you haven't already put a factory alternator on there. This model is famous for not getting along with aftermarket alternators... or more to the point, something they use in the aftermarket alternators does not get along well with Mitsubishi electronics. This is a problem across most of our models from the late 90s on. You simply can't use aftermarket alternators on these cars and expect them to last.
Second, the majority of the time when you are killing alternators and factory ones alike are dying, you will find a leaking passenger cam seal to be at fault. Often misdiagnosed as a valve cover leak, the passenger cam seal leaks straight down into the alternator saturating it. You can easily check this by running your hand under the alternator; if your palm comes back oily, you know the cam seal is leaking. Until this is corrected, you will not be able to keep an alternator on there long term.
There are two 40A fusible links, one for AC and one for most sub systems inside the car (ignition switch feed). Both will have some sort of draw and should not be considered too much of an issue, at least not with regard to your charging problems.