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Mitsubishi Lancer GTS: We just bought a 2010 lancer GTS from

Customer Question

We just bought a 2010 lancer GTS from a Mitsubishi dealer for our son. it did not come with a Nav system so we had them put one in, they said it was very expensive from Mitsubishi they said ok $2500 for the Nav and we agreed to pay it for a new Nav system. We had the car delivered today and realized that there was a lot of music already loaded into the system and we found that suspicious, then when we hit the home button on the nav, a Texas address came up. We are starting to think they put a used Nav in but we paid for a new one. is there a way to tell if its a new system and from what i am telling you should i still be suspicious that its not a new one? Also can't get the blue tooth to do anything, I've tried hitting the buttons on the steering wheel and it does nothing at all. We were told all this stuff works. Car has 78k on it we were also told it still has factory warranty on it I'm suspicious that this is true now as well
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
The navigation unit is used, without question. They do not ship with any music or addresses in them, it can only be that way if it is used.
That said, while $2500 is a bit much for a used one, it is not enough to pay for a new one. I'll have to check the current pricing but between the navigation unit and the required installation kit I've never seen them that cheap new.
The Bluetooth is a bit more tricky... As there are different navigation models and different Bluetooth models and they are not all cross compatible.
Before getting into the details of that, are we 100% certain the car has Bluetooth? All models except DE had the buttons for it, but not all are equipped beyond the buttons. If you provide your VIN I can check your equipment.