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Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Yes, on my 2000 montero sport the

Customer Question

Yes, on my 2000 montero sport the read door was rattling, so I adjusted the bumpers twisted them out as far as I could - but still the door rattled - so I loosened the bolts of the latch attached to the lower part of the car and moved it back - still had rattling - so I unbolted the latch attached to the door trying to move it out so it would pull the door more in - this unhooked somehow the sensor so now the light indicator on the dashboard is always on and I have to manually turn the dome light on and off - I took the door apart on the inside but I cannot find anything or know how to make the sensor work again - your advise will be greatly appreciated, Heiko vogler Port Orchard, WA
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Doug replied 2 years ago.
The light operation works by monitoring that wire on the latch for ground... if the wire is grounded, the lights turn on.
This means that since you have the dome light on at all times now since working on it, you have either pinched the wire and grounded it, or you have adjusted the latch to a position where the "switch" that the wire connects to is in position as if the latch were opened, grounding the wire.
You will need to take the latch back out and check your work to see if the wire was damaged or if you just adjusted the latch to a point where the switch is showing the latch open when it is shut.
With regard to your rattle... if you have maxed out all the bumpers I would say it is likely that the rattle is elsewhere... either something loose/broken inside the tail gate, a loose tail light, etc.
The best thing to do here is have a helper sit in the back while you duplicate the noise (either by driving or slamming the tail gate, or whatever you are doing to verify it is still there) and let them narrow down the exact region and then apply pressure to the areas to see if they can mute the noise, indicating the focal area of the noise.

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