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Mitsubishi 1989: 1989 v6 montero problem. So i went to take

Customer Question

1989 v6 montero problem.
So i went to take a smog test but it didnt pass, all was good except rpm's were a bit high in idle. I took it over to a mechanic and the problem he ran into was with the TPS. I picked it up at the end of the day and all felt good, maybe better. The rpm's were lower, before they were at or above 3000. There was never an issue before other than it feeling a bit sluggish and having to let off the gas for it to jump into 3rd gear.
So, a week later the rpm's went up dramatically. before from what i remember the rpm's were between 1000-15000 when parked in cold start. But they shot up to 2000 and it kept rising after every use, up to 4000. I've driven it on errands and moving it from parking spaces since i park on the street.
Other symptoms:
I also have to really hard press the break when stopping or changing from P.
After some city driving the A/T temp light comes on but when i did some fwy driving no A/T temp light despite equal time on the road.
Shut off on my last use and would turn on but died out, then wouldnt turn on unless started from N.
So far from my research, this problem is not unique to this vehicle but trying to narrow down problems until all roads lead to bad transmission.
I checked the TPS and there seems to be green/coppery build up in the connection.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Roy replied 2 years ago.
good morning my name is ***** ***** I will assist several things need to be checked.look for a gross vacuum leak. it would be a loud hissing noise.throttle plate. make sure it closes all the way. it can stick open from carbon deposit around the plate. accelerator cable stuck. make sure it is free at idlecheck all these first. Roy