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Mitsubishi Outlander: Stephen, I got the following error codes

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Stephen, I got the following error codes for my vehicle when I was trying to get it inspected.
p0138, p0171, p0441, p2595

I was informed that I needed to change my upstream and downstream sensors. I found the parts online at a huge savings but wanted to make sure I have the right parts before I place the order. Can you give me any further advice? Also, I wanted to check that I have the right parts for the fix.

Walker 250-24484 Oxygen Sensor $108.73
Walker 250-24653 Oxygen Sensor $86.82
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I would strongly advise you bought NTK Oxygen sensors, aftermarket are always a problem .


Need further assistance with this issue then please get back to me .

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Rgds Greg
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

do you think those Parts will solve the error codes

Hi Tamara .

The P0138 code is normally a bad sensor , Short circuit in heated oxygen sensor (rear) output line.Connector damage.wiring harness burnt by the exhaust in some cases so wiring connection and harness should be checked .

Personally due to the P0171 code i would check this first ,but not sure what your shop checked ,maybe this has been done thats why then say you need new sensors .

The Most Likely Causes For This Code To Be Set Are

  • Mass airflow sensor failed.
  • Injector failed.
  • Incorrect fuel pressure.
  • Air drawn in from gaps in gasket, seals, etc.
  • Engine coolant temperature sensor failed.
  • Intake air temperature sensor failed.
  • Manifold absolute pressure sensor failed.
  • Barometric pressure sensor failed.
  • Exhaust leak.
  • Use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.
  • Harness damage in injector circuit or connector damage.
  • ECM failed. < M/T >
  • PCM failed. < A/T >

1. Check for exhaust leak.

2. Check for intake system vacuum leak.

3. to do a full check on this code a scan tool is needed .

If you find a vacuum leak or a leaking exhaust repair then clear codes ,test drive and see if the code comes back .

The P0441 code , most likely problem is as followed .

  • Evaporative emission purge solenoid failed.
  • Evaporative emission ventilation solenoid failed.
  • Fuel tank differential pressure sensor circuit related part(s) failed.

P2595 Think you mean the P2195 code, this is normally to 95 % a bad sensor .B1S1

this needs replacing .

Now take Note if your car has no vacuum or exhaust leaks and has over 100.000miles replace all sensors.

Rgds Greg