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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Mitsubishi
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Experience:  Mitsubishi employed and Factory trained ASE certified technician
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Mitsubishi Colt D/C 4X4: Hi Doug, I have a 3000 V4 D/C 4X4.

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Hi Doug, I have a 3000 V4 D/C 4X4. what can I do to upgrade my performance?

Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do to easily add power to this engine.

While there are options out there that have been done, all of them are quite extreme....
3.5L swap
DOHC swap
Twin Turbo swap

All of these are from custom to radically custom and not realistic for a daily driver etc... more the kind of thing you would do in your spare time on an extra car.

There used to be a company that made a supercharger kit for the FWD 3.0L you may find reference to on the internet, however as far as I am aware this was never successfully adopted to the RWD platform, as the engine to firewall clearance is simply too tight (it ran a relay pulley that went to a compressor on the back of the engine which obviously you won't have room to mount).

The best thing you can really do is mostly what you've done and your maintenance etc.... keep good stock plugs in it; these are often neglected due to the labor to change them, but they should really be done every 25k km for the best performance, no longer than 50k. Directing your air intake is a plus, if you do not have any sort of emissions you can open up the exhaust a bit to gain a few horsepower... at the least doing cat back 2.5" will help out a lot, if you can go to headers (custom though) that would net you a few as well.... but keep in mind you will have check engine light issues to deal with then.
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